Currency Express BKBT: Value Gospel, blockchain lovers must-read

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The number of blockchain projects has exploded exponentially and mixed fishing has made it difficult for investors to choose between truly valuable blockchain projects and digital currencies.n
In order to help users find value depressions, avoid blind spots in investment, popularize the knowledge of blockchain and promote the healthy development of the blockchain ecosystem, Tony Baidu, former vice president of Baidu, and Chunuo, former president of NovaOne, jointly launched the strategy. Bitrate community leader Cancer focused on investment and served as chief Consultants to create the most suitable public demand for the blockchain and digital currency value discovery platform – Express News BKBT.n
BANK NEWS Express BKBT is committed to becoming the world’s largest platform for the discovery of blockchain and digital currency values. Through its intelligent information flow, knowledge map, Coin Volatility Rank and Growth Track Index, Weapon for the user to restore the most real and objective blockchain and digital currency project -n
Digital currency intelligent information flow: Rely on blockchain crawler engine, the whole network search for digital currency information. According to user preferences, provide intelligent information recommendation. This is the equivalent of “today’s headlines” for blockchain and digital currency circles. Technical team from Baidu search, the industry’s top configuration, strong.n

Digital currency knowledge map: Data in nearly a hundred dimensions of digital currency are continuously updated. The data are iterated and structured to match different weights to create a knowledge map for each digital currency.n
Prior to the specific digital currency information is very fragmented and very little dimension of the judge, the user’s understanding of a project is limited to the white paper, the official website and the media interpretation, information asymmetry in the decision-making, speculative too strong. The digital currency knowledge map helps users to analyze hundreds of dimensions such as distribution team information, founder information, financing scale, search popularity, media judgments, third-party information judgment, trading volume and up-down trend, realizing the transparency of project information, Objective and reliable. Concerned about the currency Express BKBT, with the next EOS and IOTA become attached.n

CV-Rank Coin Volatility Rank: Launches CV-Rank based on a knowledge map, which is an intuitive indicator that helps users evaluate short-term fluctuations in digital currencies. CV-Rank is the flagship product created by BKBT, the most straightforward indicator of the value of the investment blockchain and digital currency projects. It can be said that the focus on currency reported BKBT, is concerned about the value itself.n
GTI (Growth Track Index): Long-term tracking and analysis of digital currencies based on the CV-Rank, and records the growth trajectory of digital currency in the meta-graph chain to form a GTI. Meta-graph chain is a currency tracing public chain based on blockchain technology researched and developed by BKBT team in currency quick report, which can build a tracking and evaluation system of global digital assets. The characteristics of blockchain technology determine the transparency of the information on the meta-graph chain is open and irreversible. In a sense, GTI is a fake fighter in the area of ​​blockchain and digital money.n
Currency Express BKBT blockchain technical team and technical advisers have 3-5 years of blockchain technology experience, it is rare in the industry.n
In March this year, the online currency will be reported to the 1.0 App. It is believed that in the near future, the BKBT will become an important portal for everyone to understand the blockchain and digital currencies.n
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