Daily bitcoin: bitcoin real-time quotes can be used to pay taxes? Perhaps not so easy

Daily bitcoin: bitcoin real-time quotes can be used to pay taxes? Perhaps not so easy

Bitcoin prices on Thursday (September 24th) the disc choppy in the short-term pattern fluctuated again.


(bitcoin / $chart source: Peng Bo, FX168 financial network)

KRAKEN announced the price display, bitcoin / euro (XBT/EUR) yesterday volatility trading at 205.50-208.00, and the trend in the interval slightly downward. The trading days the Asian plate shock rebound, but is still in the range of.

(bitcoin / Euro time chart source: Peng Bo, FX168 financial network)

BtcTrade announced bitcoin trading network pricing showed bitcoin / yuan yesterday was the high jump to 1497, but then quickly fell. This transaction Nichia launched around 1499 disc trading, market volatility continues.

(30 yuan / minute bitcoin chart source: BtcTrade bitcoin trading network)

The industry, foreign media reported that the New Hampshire legislative subcommittee has suggested that the state’s house to kill a bill. The bill attempts to allow citizens to use bitcoin to pay taxes.

Senator EricSchleien earlier this year called for the New Hampshire bill, the Ministry of finance to accept bitcoin through third party service. Through the clearing, the Ministry of finance is still received $.

The Legislative Council debate in this regard, and the bill will be rated as “substandard legislation”. If the decision by the House confirmed that the bill will be shelved.

The Ministry of finance BillDwyer testified, “to be able to pay the money we need (federal funds), and bitcoin is a commodity. It takes on the liquidation of the state, can be used to pay the bills.”

However, the final decision had been made. The legislative committee meeting will be held on October 14th, voted out the final proposal, and then handed over to the house of representatives for a final vote.

Beijing time 12:43 on September 23rd, bitcoin / USD / Euro 229.79, bitcoin bitcoin / report 206.26, reported 1509.47 yuan.

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