“Daily Mail” news: British or bitcoin as a legitimate currency

“Daily Mail” news: British or bitcoin as a legitimate currency

“Daily Mail” news, British finance minister George Osborn (GeorgeOsborne) signai said Britain intended to bitcoin or other similar monetary system as a digital currency legalized, it is Followed by bitcoin based electronic signature in another good news Tuesday after the release . He also said the government wants to build London’s financial technology companies around the world.

Matters of financial technology company focused on finance minister mentioned, and began to cooperate with the government, which is an exploration of virtual currency and electronic money mainly project what Osborn called the “.”

Osborn stated importance of continuing virtual currency, mobile payment and other electronic banking technology for modern economy:

“These alternative payment systems have become popular because they are very fast, economical and convenient, I want to know if we can use them to create more economic benefits to the UK and British consumers.”

In early 2014 the United States and Japan (the world’s three major economies of the two) will bitcoin downgrade, they will bitcoin positioning for the property rather than money, Britain is in the opposite direction to take action, they support similar bitcoin which provides peer-to-peer network for the financial sector’s currency.

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