Dartz new black crocodile SUV accept Bitcoin and ether coins to pay

nnnRazer comments: well-known SUV manufacturer Dartz will launch the black cottage version of the Mercedes-Benz GLS63, and said to accept the use of Bitcoin or Taitong and other digital currency to buy. In combination with the recent release of German Daimler through the chain of corporate bonds news, visible digital currency and block chain technology in the automotive industry has been further attention and application.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nThe Dartz Prombron series announced that it will showcase its latest version of the Black Alligator SUV in the 2017 Gumball 3000 Rally in Riga and accept it in digital currency such as Bitcoin or Taalong.n
nAccording to Motor Authority’s report, the SUV is the first member of the Prombron PRVY series, replacing the Prombron Kombat series.n
nReports wrote:n
nn”When it comes to price, Dartz says it is seven digits and is willing to pay for foreign currency such as Bitcoin or Taalong, and the company does not want to reveal the price because it does not want to be jealous of the owners of other high-end cars.n
nnThe SUV, based on the Mercedes-Benz GLS63, is designed for specific customers, and buyers can choose body panels and trim (leather, Dartz even set up a dedicated “rich” sector to meet the needs of its high-end customers.n
nThe automotive industry is not only increasingly accepting digital cars to buy cars, but also widely used in the block chain technology for pilot and testing. Recently, the German auto giant Daimler and the German company Baden-W├╝rttemberg has succeeded in testing the chain-chain technology in the capital markets.n

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