Darwin and seventy-two changes: Achain “bifurcation theory” stunning Singapore blockchain Asia Summit

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Singapore time On November 29, the Blockshow Asia Summit hosted by Cointelegraph was grandly opened in Singapore. Li Yuan, a key partner of Achain, and Summit CEO Addy Crezeexie joined hands to give a speech at the opening ceremony. Immediately afterwards, Li Yuan shook the audience with the theme of Achain’s newly emerged “bifurcation theory.”n
This summit is the second successful large-scale technological development and exchange activity since Cointelegraph started the European Blockchain Summit in early April this year. The summit lasted for two days and brought together investors and entrepreneurs from around the world. Among them were Da Hongfei, the founder of NEO, and Feller Sloan, chief executive of Atmatrix.n
In the past 9 years witnessed blockchain 1.0 and 2.0 – in the next 9 years, we will focus on where?n
On November 23, Beijing time, Achain founder Tony Cui published the embryonic form of the “bifurcation theory” in the BitcoinTalk Forum, which received a positive response from forum users. “Bifurcation Theory” proposes that we can reduce the threshold of joining the non-circle startup groups and increase the possibility of technical cooperation by splitting the sub-chains. At the same time, this can also lay a foundation for the ecological construction of an interactive, interconnected and inter-linked block chain. . Under Cui Meng’s leadership, Achain has been awarded the first prize of China’s blockchain competition twice since it was founded in 2015, and has also become the first team to propose the RDPoS consensus mechanism. Today, Achain publishes more than 30 digital assets and more than 20,000 community users.n
Summit spokesman Li Yuan is an important partner of Achain, is also the founder of SelfSell, graduated from Peking University Guanghua School of Management. He spearheaded and fostered Sino-Cloud – one of the few teams in the country with customized development capabilities at the bottom of the blockchain. Li Yuan’s speech first cites recent data as a foreshadowing of the background meaning of “bifurcation theory”: BCC (Bitcoin Cash) has solved the issue of monetary expansion and raised the bar since Bitcoin bifurcation in August of this year Block capacity (from the original 1 megabyte to the present 8 megabytes) enhances trading performance. In the meantime, thousands of blockchain projects are booming internationally, with a total of 1,324 now. However, such numbers are still difficult to fully meet the diverse needs of 67 industries and 147 sub-sectors around the world. How to use only one platform to meet the needs of different industries has gradually become an urgent challenge for the current blockchain industry.n
Standing in this context, Li Yuan referred to the “bifurcation theory” as a solution: the use of bifurcation to get different blockchain, so as to meet different business applications, performance requirements, and data needs. And forked another benefit is that the original user data can be retained and inherited.n
Darwin and seventy-two changen
As Darwin’s theory of evolution states, the direction of biological evolution is from single cell to multicellular, from neurons to neural networks, and the ability of the organism to adapt and change the environment is also evolving. Based on this, Li Yuan boldly put forward his own ideas: the blockchain as a species, the bifurcation process as a genetic variation, the community activity as the ability to adapt to the environment, a vivid interpretation of the “fork “the process of. In other words, Achain will become a real “Monkey King” in contemporary science and technology finance – a hero in this myth that turns himself into a creature of the world, an avatar, and an enemy. It is these two abilities that make him invincible, and the ideas put forward by Achain are also similar.n
Li Yuan vividly stressed the service object of the future blockchain: each individual. Through different branches of the network to carry personal identity, assets, credit, health and other information, everyone can become a node in this network. When all this forms an association, we can have information interactive, interconnected and interoperable. He said: When people’s behavior can be identified and recorded, and contact with credit, assets, can create a real fork and the Internet.n

From methodologies to operationsn
Li Yuan demonstrated in detail the specific process of bifurcation: Firstly, under the principle of mutual agreement, project applicants must initiate a forked application to Achain Network; as long as the agreement is met, the node that receives the application will give feedback. At this time, the information of the new forked network, such as the originating block, the seed node, the service identification number, the forking height, and so on, will be registered. Next, the blockchain at a certain height will be forked and forked according to the application A new blockchain network. The consensus of the new network, data storage, block capacity, etc. can be customized by the applicant, and what Achain needs to do is to make the forking easier and cheaper.n
Immediately, Li Yuan introduced the VEP (Value Exchange

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