Dash, BlockCypher co-launched a chain-focused plan

nnn(Dash) Core development team Dash Core announces cooperation with BlockCypher, a provider of block-chain network service (BWS) provider, for a start-up company and a mature company that wants to explore block-chain solutions to launch a funding plan The The program will grant a sum of money to a block-chain project that has a viable business model, a listing plan, and an innovative use case on a Dash network with BlockCypher’s block chain infrastructure to facilitate the block chain, particularly the Dash block chain Adopt, and highlight its advantages.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
n(Dash) and BlockCypher, a provider of major block chain network service (BWS) providers, launched a funding plan for start-ups and mature companies seeking solutions based on block-based solutions in both enterprises and emerging markets.n
nThe plan comes from Dash’s long-term relationship with BlockCypher. Will grant a certain amount to a block chain project that has a viable business model, a listing plan, and an innovative use case on a Dash network with BlockCypher’s block chain infrastructure. According to the official information, the funding of the funding plan will be provided to companies seeking the following categories of block chain technology solutions:n
nnmedical insurance n
nKnow your customers (KYC)n
nInternet of Things (IoT)n
nInsurance n
nsupply chain n
nnThe amount of funding will depend on the size and potential of the project.n
nDash Core CEO Ryan Taylor said:n
nn”The Dash Core team had previously supported companies that wanted to integrate Dash networks, but now we can provide such support in a formal and reciprocal way, and for Dash, BlockCypher is an excellent partner that helps Attracting new businesses to use our network; and the program is only a structured way to extend our support to BlockCypher for many of our potential users. “n
nnBlock Kypher user growth leader Karen Hsu said:n
nn”With BlockCypher’s web services and experience, the goal of the program is to identify areas where the chain-chain technology is underdeveloped and seed cases in use cases that can effectively promote companies that focus on chain-chain technology to encourage other companies In addition, the program has also arranged a number of stages for the commercialization of block chains in particular. “n
nnThe Dash BlockCypher funding program provides funding for block chain services and hosting, consulting, project testing, and consolidation support. A mature organization has now acquired a new way of allocating funds to showcase the use and deployment of block chains. This includes the Patientory Foundation, which uses block chains to record patient data more securely and more efficiently. The Foundation uses BlockCypher’s API interface to integrate its private block chain with the Dash public block chain.n
nPatientory CEO Chrissa McFarlane said:n
nn”We are pleased to be working with Dash and BlockCypher.With BlockCypher’s web service, we will be the first health care block chain to show interoperability between the block-chain networks, which is a way to use a block chain to process medical claims Said it was a big leap.n
nnPatientory’s enterprise solutions and mobile applications are expected to be released by the end of 2017 and will provide users with one or more block-chain payment solutions. Combined with Patientory’s license block chain, patients and payers can use the BlockCypher network service to maintain Dash wallet and settle payment via Dash Network.n
nTaylor said:n
nn”Our funding plan encourages companies to focus on block chains, especially the Dash chain because Dash is highly scalable, and the projects we are funding are accelerating the implementation of this commitment and helping to highlight the Public block chain, and Dash block chain of some of the advantages.n

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