Data show: Mining crypto currency than to dig more value

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Digital currency on the market was traced to 2121, the net assets of approximately $140 billion. The statistical data of 2019 at the end of the first quarter, digital assets mining is the most value in the market today have a crypto currency accounted for the entire economy of the 68% top 8 encryption can dig money.

Can the mining crypto currency accounted for nearly 70% market share

There are currently a lot of encryption currency, but only a handful have important value and community advocates. At present, the market value of the top ten encryption currency, only 4 can be mining, the rest of the Ripple XRP, like Stellar XLM and some other initial tokens and some PoS mechanism tokens are not mine. 4 top ten recoverable encryption (BTC, ETH, currency LTC, BCH) the total market value of about $91 billion 700 million, accounted for the entire encryption market 65.5%, the remaining 6 of total market capitalization of approximately $24 billion, accounted for the entire encryption market 17%.

 Data show: Mining crypto currency than to dig more value

The market value of the top ten encryption currency standard light is mining

In addition, the market value of the top 20 encryption in 8 can mining crypto currencies, namely BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, BSV, XMR, DASH and ETC, the mining of encryption currency value of US $3 billion 320 million, accounted for 2.2% of the economy of the encryption. The 8 encryption currency together accounted for the dominant position of 67.7%, the value of more than 2100 other tokens. These miners can have super tokens by any standard GPU and ASIC mining machine, such as XMR and ETH were some community members believe that some form of anti ASIC, when LTC first launched, it is considered to be against ASIC, but this goal almost immediately failed.

Some ore pool involves a number of encryption currency

An interesting fact is that the four kinds of mining tokens of the top ten have the same pool of ore mining. There are a large number of overlapping available ore pool of BTC and BCH, with coins in both networks, including, Antpool, and Viabtc etc.. Similarly, LTC and BTC networks and BCH networks have some overlap, including F2pool, Antpool, Poolin and Viabtc etc..

 Data show: Mining crypto currency than to dig more value

BTC and BCH in the presence of a large number of overlapping pool

It is worth noting that, in BTC, BCH and LTC networks, the pool set in each network has the main hash value share. ETH because F2pool was accounted for the vast majority of all share, has very little overlap pool. At the end of the first quarter of this year, BTC and BCH also appeared unknown miners, a considerable number of currently unknown ore processing BCH accounted for about 19.4% of the rate of network hash chain, and unknown miner BTC is currently occupy hash rate of 23.9%.

 Data show: Mining crypto currency than to dig more value

In addition to F2pool, ETH and LTC mining pool almost no overlap

There are a variety of digital currency, many of which team criticized digital currency “recoverable waste of resources. For some give up PoW algorithm of pre mining tokens, this is a big point of discussion, but the data clearly show that the value of digital currency can be mined almost higher than the 2/3 digital currency unmineable. At the same time, we can also see that a large part of ore mining pool have achieved diversification, suggesting that they have confidence in the digital assets that can be mined.

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