Database giant Oracle joined the “super book” block chain project

nnnRaiders comment: Technology giant Oracle to join the “super book” project news has aroused great concern, and just finished the selection of new members to join the “super book” is also growing further. Oracle has previously shown interest in the block chain, which aims to use the organization’s technology to develop new cloud services to maintain its competitiveness.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nComputer Science and Technology multinational company Oracle has officially joined the Linux Foundation-led block chain development plan “super book” project.n
nOracle announced in a blog post to join the project, plans to use the “super book” Fabric block chain code as the basis for new cloud services.n
nOracle’s cloud platform and middleware product senior vice president Amit Zavery said in a statement:n
nn”As we develop a chain-chain platform for enterprise applications, we believe that scalable cross-industry technologies, confidential transactions and module architectures that can be promoted through programs like” superbook “projects are critical.”n
nnThe Patientory Foundation and BTS are the newest members of the “Superbook” and are added via selection. “Super Book” has just selected a new member for its technical committee, the new chairman of the Committee’s vote has also started from August 31.n
nOracle hopes to expand its involvement in the chain area is not surprising, because it has previously shown interest in the technology. CoinDesk has previously reported that Oracle has filed patent applications that focus on governance and employee workflows.n

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