Day count Delphy founder to accept the Guangdong TV interview, the domestic first block chain forecast market platform is about to go online


Reporter: pencil leadn

The city of Hangzhou, Hangzhou, Beijing and Chengdu, the death of Prince Gong and Delphy founder Wang Bo full attend the event, and the scene to answer enthusiasts about the ICO’s Ask questions.n
nThe following is the Guangdong TV station on the Delphy Shenzhen road show all broadcast video address: https: //
nnAugust 5, Shenzhen station five city meeting will attract a large number of guests, Delphy founder Wang Bo came to the event site, to introduce the relevant project content and project ICO arrangements. As the first regional chain forecasting market application, Delphy can be used in financial forecasting, sports event prediction, insurance forecasting and other fields.n
nnThe so-called block chain, the strict definition is defined by the cryptographic technology based on the consensus mechanism, in the peer-to-peer network to maintain a number of nodes continue to grow, by the timestamp and ordered records of data blocks built by the chain Distributed database technology for list books.n
nThe application of block chain technology will be the most profound change brought by the Internet to the world.n
nDay count Delphy five city road last train: Chengdu station, scan the following two-dimensional code concerned about delphy public number,n

nSend: name, phone, email, you can participate in road shows. As the last stop, the day to the scene to send Delphy a shirtn
nLocation: August 12th 13:00 pm Chengdu Station, Chengdu Wuhou District People’s South Road, 4th Floor, Digital Building, sixth floorn


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