DDT: it is too early to bitcoin regulatory chain, increasing application block

DDT: it is too early to bitcoin regulatory chain, increasing application block

The world’s four largest accounting firms of DDT company published questioned, said the current regulation to try whether bitcoin is premature.

In an article entitled “bitcoin at the crossroads” publication, DDT mentioned bitcoin blockchain and technology, discusses the supervision of digital currency is for their future development and the popularity of large-scale, may have a negative impact.

The article added:

“In many ways, policy makers and regulators, is to follow his own mission statement, to protect the public and financial market integrity, so an important problem will arise, now try supervision of bitcoin, whether it is too early?”

The article also mentions some historical evidence to explain the development of new technology, interference is wrong, the best course of action.

“A drop in the ocean.”

The journal pointed out three reasons why global policymakers should avoid supervision of the bitcoin bud.

First of all, the market penetration of bitcoin, compared with the traditional legal system and currency trading platform is still relatively small.

“Bitcoin by policy makers and regulators around the world, a lot of attention and scrutiny, far beyond its current size and market influence. 事实上,从任何相关的指标来看,比特币目前的价值风险,也只是金融业海洋中的一滴水。”

The influence of the massive popularity

In addition, the author also mentioned that other transformative technology, often under supervision before, will have more time to develop.

Author signings telephone (invented in 1876, and in 1913 only regulated); aircraft (invented in 1093, and in 1938 by regulation); Internet (invented in 1969, was recently to strengthen the regulation, in addition he added):

“The open source bitcoin platform, first released in 2009. The development of bitcoin after only 6 years of time, according to the previous example of new technology, it is to realize the popularity of large-scale, has a long way to go.”

To explore its potential.

Finally, the author also pointed out that bitcoin has not yet found its most valuable application.

“Bitcoin and block chain technology potential application list, every day in the expansion, the current is still in the early stage, and some new applications, has been very exciting.”

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