Delaware law on digital asset inheritance

Delaware law on digital asset inheritance

Delaware (Delaware) issued a new law on digital heritage, the law allows the parties after the death or incapacity, the family can obtain digital assets of the parties. 

This legislation bitcoin community is particularly important, because the legislation should hold the virtual currency can protect the assets of Delaware residents.

Last weekend, the Delaware house by the Decree No. 345th (House Bill 345), the trustee may access to digital and digital asset account (Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets act and Digital Accounts Act) “, the law gives the heirs and executors have the right to have accounts and digital equipment, it is very similar to the real assets.

       At present, the new law does not apply to the Delaware company, applies only to the Delaware residents.

The new law also has some criticism. National privacy and security alliance (State Privcy and Security Coalition (Jim) director Jim Hulbert Halpert) warned that the law allows the executor and the heirs can get highly personal communications late family members and other third party, without regard to privacy issues.


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