Delaware State Council publishes historic block chain regulation bill

nnnnStroke: Delaware has been relatively active in the block chain legislation, and recently passed the state law amendments to legally recognize the trade on the chain. The new bill, which may take effect in early August, is historic and important, helping to maintain Delaware’s leading position in corporate law and have a positive impact on the development of emerging companies.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nAccording to a number of informed parties revealed that the United States Delaware has passed the state law amendments, clear the right to trade stocks in the chain chain.n
nIt is learned that these measures are only part of the amendment and that more changes will be made in the future to legally recognize any records stored on the chain.n
nWe are still learning more about the details of the vote, Delaware International Development Department Andrea Tinianow wrote to CoinDesk’s e-mail:n
nn”Now you have something to write! (We have created a new history.)”n
nnOne source pointed out that the bill was passed in almost no objection, with only one vote against it. The Senate earlier passed the bill, so it was thought that the vote for the block chain in the statewide adoption to solve the final obstacles.n
nMatthew O’Toole, head of the law firm of the Delaware Lawyers Association, told CoinDesk that he expects state governor John Carney to sign a bill at the end of July to take effect from August 1.n
nIn an e – mail to CoinDesk, O’Toole said the vote “made Delaware continue to be at the forefront of corporate law and was leading the way in promoting ‘shared book sharing’.n
nHe added:n
nn”We look forward to helping Delaware companies to benefit from the innovative combination of law and technology.”n
nnThe Delaware legislation involved more than the company involved in the company’s future listing will have a profound impact.n
nThe bill was completed under the guidance of Cooley LLP’s block chain lawyer Marco Santori and Block Chain start-up company Symboint’s Caitlin Long, which is expected to pave the way for large-scale issuance of shares in the chain chain.n
nBy buying or selling stocks on block chains or small distributed books, it is possible to eliminate intermediaries who benefit from previous trading steps, resulting in significant savings in settlement time.n
nAccording to CoinDesk, the bill was introduced last year by Jack Markell, the incoming governor, in line with the legislative requirements of several companies seeking the legitimacy of such a distribution.n
nSymbiont’s Long told CoinDesk, “This is a big deal for Delaware.” He further explained the potential benefits of the bill’s amendment:n
nn”The bill consolidates its leading position in the company’s registration services by allowing the end-to-end digitization to achieve securities management, and banks are eager to use this automated application process.”n

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