DELL DELL to accept bitcoin payment and carry out the promotional activities

DELL DELL to accept bitcoin payment and carry out the promotional activities

    PC manufacturer giant DELL DELL company announced: will cooperate with Coinbase, to accept bitcoin payments.

DELL’s annual revenue of $57 billion, about four times before accepting bitcoin’s DISH Network. Since the announcement date, U.S. consumers and small businesses can use bitcoin payment in The use of bitcoin users to buy “the alien series products will enjoy 10 percent off discount. Discount of up to $150.

Coinbase in the statement in a blog has hinted that DELL is seeking to provide a more flexible mode of payment for customers. Once the decision is reached, the company will bitcoin will be within two weeks of payment integration to the website. DELL’s chief information officer Paul? Walsh said said: “the power customer needs is our progress, in partnership with Cionbase will make DELL more flexibility to respond to market.”

A DELL representative confirmed that the preferential activity only for U.S. consumers. The service first for American consumers and small businesses to start, if everything goes smoothly, is expected to expand to the international market. This decision coincides with the launch of website is the website used to answer consumer questions, such as, “what is bitcoin?” “Why, DELL accept bitcoin” and “how do I get bitcoin?”. Other issues on the security of bitcoin.

Subsequently, DELL further issued the “terms and conditions” page, explain the policy to the bitcoin buyers. The company noted that the buyers are eligible to apply for a refund, all refunds will be by cheque in dollars remitted to the buyer, and deduct the purchase costs”. 不能够访问Coinbase的帐户将无法获得退款。

DELL joined the bitcoin ecosystem news have repercussions in the media, publications such as the PC world, the Losangeles times and the New York Times made a series of report on the move of the company.

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