DELL has become a bitcoin mining data center providers

DELL has become a bitcoin mining data center providers

In July this year, DELL (DELL) said the company has begun to accept bitcoin payments, show the preliminary change of bitcoin attitude. Now further news, according to foreign media news, DELL has officially become bitcoin mining data center providers.

The company has reached an agreement with the Seattle bitcoin provider to reach an agreement on the server hosting, by DELL to provide hosting space. It is said that DELL will now also part of the host server for bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin founder ASIC said that over the past three years, bitcoin ASIC managed data center has been in Washington, but the facilities is quite small. And DELL cooperation means that the bearing capacity of up to 4 times.

The price is convenient, it was revealed that bitcoin providers compared to past data center out of the 2 times the price in return for DELL high quality data center hosting services.

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