Deloitte set up a chain-chain laboratory in Hong Kong

nnnIn the area of ​​the chain chain, Deloitte has always been one of the focus of attention. At present, in addition to Dublin and New York’s block-chain laboratories, Deloitte has set up a third regional laboratory in Hong Kong to provide better technical guidance to enterprises in the region and to facilitate communication and cooperation among enterprises. Deloitte executives also pointed out the reasons for choosing Hong Kong to set up the lab, emphasizing its financial and trade advantages.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nDeloitte has formally established its Asia Pacific Labs in Hong Kong.n
nIn addition to developing a strategy, the lab will implement and deploy distributed book technology (DLT) for enterprise customers in the Asia Pacific region. DLT can be used in a variety of situations, including digital identity, digital banking, cross-border payments, trade finance and loyalty and reward solutions. Choosing Hong Kong as a place for this lab is because it is a mature financial and trading center and needs to build an ecosystem through DLT. Other factors contributing to this option include Hong Kong’s more regulated environment and a large number of international talent.n
nPrior to the establishment of the laboratory, Deloitte has cooperated with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the five largest banks in Hong Kong to promote the adoption of DLT in trade finance ecosystems. Deloitte’s other successful DLT implementation includes helping insurance customers open up banking and insurance channels through efficient partners and helping banks identify re-financing.n
nThe lab is located in WeWork and aims to foster collaboration between technology entrepreneurs, freelancers and start-ups by providing shared workspaces and office services. By working with this community, Deloitte will host customer seminars, develop leadership, develop prototypes, and provide support, innovative ideas and solutions for the chain-chain network deployed in the financial services sector.n
nDeloitte Global Consulting Business Financial Services Director Joe Guastella said:n
nn”The Asia Pacific Block Chain Labs in Hong Kong are our third global chain-chain labs, and the other two are located in Dublin and New York, which support our global network of digital, financial technology and block chain The Asia Pacific region is a forward-looking and dynamic region, and Hong Kong is one of the major markets for innovation and digital transformation, which will work with customers to help them accelerate their future. “n
nnDeloitte’s global block chain leader Eric Piscini said:n
nn”The opening of our Asia Pacific block chain lab in Hong Kong strongly demonstrates our determination to develop a chain of chains in the region and add it to the global block chain. The block chain will subvert, transform and improve the trading platform and Ecosystems, our customers are at the center of transformation, and we have dedicated areas, unique business and technical expertise and evolving ecosystems to create the next generation of chain-based business platforms in this innovation department. “n
nn”China is now one of Asia’s leading financial and technological innovation markets, particularly in the chain chain sector,” said Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, China. “We have a number of major alliances in developing new DLT standards supported by hundreds of financial institutions. Of the laboratories in Hong Kong, we will further support our customers, guide them to transition, through the use of these new technologies to improve business performance and achieve sustainable growth.n
nDr. Paul Sin, a partner in the laboratory’s financial technology, commented:n
nn”DLT is no longer just speculation, and most of its technical hurdles, including performance, scalability, security and privacy limitations, are being addressed and will challenge in the coming months.” Our customers are moving toward production Hong Kong, as Asia ‘s financial center and major trading center, is the ideal place to start deploying DLT, and new developments in the’ One Way ‘strategy will make DLT the preferred platform for cross – industry and cross – border cooperation.n
nnDeloitte has developed more than 30 prototypes associated with block chains, covering digital identity, digital banking, cross-border payments, trade finance and loyalty and incentive solutions, as well as work in the investment management and insurance sector.n

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