Delphi White Paper Interpretation (3): Predict how the market and AI, things together to change the world


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As the first domestic market to predict the market, Delphy team has been committed to promoting the concept of forecasting the market, bringing together the whole society of information and wisdom to help you better see the future.n
nIn this article, the Delphy team gives a deep interpretation of the forecast market, focusing on how the market is combined with AI, how can we change the world by predicting the market?n

nFirst of all, the first article of the article will be summarized to the main point:n
nn1. Forecasting the market and AI: Delphy predicts predictions in the market Robots can collect various market information and automate transactions based on the user’s situation.n
n2. Forecast of the combination of market and networking: Delphy support Internet of things real-time data acquisition, integration of various types of information, in the forecast outside the market to form a forecast information trading market.n
n3. Predict how the market will change the future: In the ecology of the forecast market, people can acquire the key information by participating in creating the event itself, thereby profiting in the forecast market and forming a closed loop. Therefore, participation in the forecast market makes people motivated to change the future.n
nWhat is the forecast market?n
nThe forecast market (also known as the information market, decision market, think futures, event derivative or virtual market) is a trading market designed to trade the possibility of different outcomes by Robin Hanson, a professor at George Mason University in the United States , He was hailed as the father of the predicted market,n
nPredict the nature of the market is to predict what the outcome will end. For example, people can predict whether Bernie Sanders will beat Hillary Clinton as a Democratic candidate. People can buy each of the results of the stock, these results have a certain probability of occurrence.n
nFor example, if you spend $ 0.6 to buy the results of Bernie’s election, spending $ 0.4 to buy the results of Hillary’s election, which means that you think Bernie was elected 60%, Hillary 40%, and then you can A variety of prices for sale with others. If Bernie became a candidate, then the forecast market would allow the stock of Bernie’s results to be converted into $ 1 and the Hillary stock would be lost.n
nHowever, the traditional centrality of the forecast market is faced with many problems such as failure to self-evident, low market acceptance, security and other security challenges from time to time.n
nCompared with the central system, to the centralization system is often able to hold greater tolerance of innovation, making innovative products to flourish. The market forecast of the block chain can guarantee the advantages of non-tampering, globalization and smart contract clearing through the characteristics of the block chain itself.n
nIn addition, we believe that the center to predict the market will also appear the following innovations:n
nMulti-center arbitration market (oracle):n
nAn important mechanism for forecasting the market is the mechanism for reporting the outcome of the event. In the center of the forecast market, usually by the platform to report their own results, it is difficult to do self-evident innocence. And the use of decentralized system, the results of the event can be reported by multiple systems, and then by a person to make decisions.n
nIf the community believes that this person is trustworthy, then the forecast contract has liquidity, can be traded. And if the person is not trustworthy, then the results can be reported by many people (for example, two people need two people agree). Market participants can also vote to decide who reports to them.n
nFor example, systems like Augur have a tokens system, and people who hold tokens can vote on the results in groups. All of these forms can be changed. In some cases, you do not even need to report. If the information is already available on the etherfront, the solution will not require a trusted source, that is, if someone sells their songs on the etherfront, and can be publicly accessed through other contracts, they can be used as is.n
nIn contrast, Delphy predicts a more efficient event reporting mechanism. In the Delphy forecast market, the forecast results are determined by Oracle, which provides a range of APIs that Delphy calls to determine the market’s winning or losing results and the subsequent settlement by calling these Oracle APIs.n
nOracle can be centrally (such as RealityKeys), it can be multi-center. Some predictive applications only need to use a single data point to verify the results, so the central Oracle is enough. For example, the results of the NBA game prediction, NBA official website may be the result of the game is necessary. For multi-centric Oracle, we will devise an incentive mechanism and implement m out of n mode and Oracle’s dispute resolution solution.n
nAI Expert Advisorn
nAllowing automatic trading to predict the market is an important participatory mechanism. In the Delphy forecast market, we can create a program to replace people to participate in the forecast market, the program itself can absorb a lot of information, and analysis and judgments, to more accurate prediction.n

nSpecifically, the automated transaction program is an AI artificial intelligence, through machine learning and large data algorithms, the program can automatically from a variety of channels to collect the latest information to participate in the forecast market, to help users get economic returns. Of course, individuals and organizations with data sources will take a lot of advantage, they can sell the data source to others or participate in the forecast.n
nIn the concept, these AI robots will be based on your identity and work on their own transactions. If you join a label organization, then the robot will automatically detect this and see it as an indicator of possible success, so that the results of the transaction (automatic economic benefits).n
nFor example, if you frequent a coffee shop, your robot will automatically start trading on the store’s upcoming earnings. Because you have a direct impact on your success as a customer, you can share their economic benefits.n
nForecast information market was bornn
nThe premise of making a correct prediction is to obtain effective information, so the information market can be said to be the market factor for the market. Delphy also builds a market for information that allows the participant to sell information that can be used in the forecast market.n
nIn the information collection, the Internet of Things is very useful, the sensor can continue to produce data and the chain, with these data on the one hand can be used to predict the market, on the other hand can not open the information in the market, Sell ​​the information to others to obtain knowledge for more effective predictions.n
nAs a result, the information market can be developed around sales information to facilitate forecasting and reporting. This is not just for the sensor data. It will eventually become a specification for reporting any type of data to the block chain, especially for reporting purposes. It not only means that there can be audited transparent information there, but also means that participants should immediately provide a credible source of information, which is very low cost for producers.n
nPredict market participation in creating the futuren
nUsing Delphy to predict the market, we can conceive a picture of the future, in which we gain the key forecast information by participating in our own creation, thereby making a profit in the forecast market.n
nIn terms of expansion, if we have an automatic sensor that can collect information independently to predict the market, then we can really create the future, predict the future, and get economic benefits. The future of the day, once we automatically predict and AI, machine learning and networking, we will have to really change everything, Delphy will provide you with such a platform to change the world.n
nWelcome to the Delpy Forecast Market Project, which will begin ICO in mid-Augustn
nWe can add Delphy Group (micro signal: delphy_org), apply to join the official group of Delphy, received the latest project information.n

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