Delphy community enthusiastic interaction: how to change the chain of chain forecasting market


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nRecently, Delpo founder Wang Bo and community enthusiasts in the micro-group had a warm Q u0026 A activities.n
nDelve Project Sponsor Wang Bo is a Bachelor of Information Management from Peking University and a Master of Information Economics from the University of Michigan. Former Factom co-founder, vice president of engineering, with more than 20 years of Internet and software development and management experience. In China and the United States several successful business. In 2012 the United States began to contact the block chain, is the block chain consensus algorithm and P2P network of the first practitioners.n
nIn the micro-group, Wang Bo and community enthusiasts around Delphy development progress, ICO details, legal risks, market operations and other aspects of a wide range of in-depth discussion, community enthusiasts to discuss a warm, made a large number of high-quality problem. We have done one by one to organize, to share no time to brush the group of small partners.n

nDelphy Founder: Wang Bon

nQuestion: When is Delphy’s online deal? On which the trading platform?n
nnAnswer: Delphy plans to go online as soon as the ICO is completed in September. What specific trading platform, when the time will be announced.n
nnQuestion: How many people are the development team? Is the code open source?n
nnAnswer: At present, more than a dozen development team, after we released products, gradually open source, and ultimately to completely open source. But at present, we can not open source, otherwise there will be countless days of cloning.n
nnQuestion: What are the main rivals of Delphy? To solve the same kind of items before the pain points?n
nnAnswer: There are a lot of people who are trying to make a forecast market, but we have not introduced the product. There are many reasons, especially to the center of the user unfriendly, as well as the oracle predecessor of the non-universal. What the day is hoping to do is find a balance in the centrality and user friendliness. Natural movement, depth customization, protection of the market to predict the fun, so that users really feel fun!n
nnQuestion: delphy how to look at foreign augur, gnosis and domestic Bodhi and other competitive projects, compared to what advantage? augur and other market expectations do not do two years is the main reason? Is the ether square itself can not do DAPP reason? This simply does not meet the “Internet speed”.n
nnAnswer: The Delphy team began researching the market in 2014 and invested in forecasting market ICOs such as augur and gnosis. Truthcoin is the forerunner of the predictive market for the center, providing a lot of theoretical thinking and application scenarios for the latecomers, but the product has never been introduced.n
nAugur at the beginning of the time, basically to achieve the truthcoin, and, augur early technical staff is from the truthcoin dug past. Later, Augur changed from a bit-based architecture to the current ether-based office, and successfully achieved ICO, financing more than 500 million dollars, for the subsequent development of the market has laid a model basis. However, Augur after two or three years of development, the product always stay in the demo. Kruger, its chief technical officer, wrote more than 5,000 serpent-based smart contracts, but the ethercom community has stopped updating the serpent language, and kruger seems to be more interested in investing.n
nGnosis’s main founders come from forecasting market teams such as augur and fairlay. They developed with solidity smart contract architecture, but more than two years have passed, has not yet introduced demo. Plans to launch mobile applications in the third quarter of 2018. And Delphy has the strength to quickly landing products, POC user experience version will soon be able to meet with you, and is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2018 Alpha version.n
nDay is based on the ether square, the bodhi tree is based on the quantum chain. Everyone is the forerunner of the forecast market. We work together to predict the market bigger and stronger!n
nnQuestion: How is the specific dividend ratio of DPY determined?n
nnAnswer: First, the Singapore Monetary Authority has issued a notice, all similar to the securities of the ICO, will be regulated. So, I hope we do not mention the word “dividends”, we mainly talk about the return.n
nIn the day count, each forecast market has a separate pool of token funds. The trader buys a certain number of shares, and the token he pays will automatically enter the pool of coins; the trader sells some of the shares he owns, and the system pays him a certain amount from the tokens pool Token. In the market clearing, the day will be in the forecast market tokens pool to extract a small proportion of the ratio for:n
n1) return to market sponsors.n
n2) return to all DPY holders (monthly or quarterly).n
n3) to pay the relevant transaction costs.n
nnQuestion: If you encounter policy, legal obstacles, what is prepared to deal with no, small lap similar things have to prevent.n
nnAnswer: On the issue of policy regulation, we have mentioned many times, the day count the market with the betting is very different. We need to take the initiative to communicate with the government regulators, so that we understand the true meaning of the day, especially in favor of government and national development of social values.n
nnQuestion: What are the specific measures to be taken by the funds and the financial statements of the company are regularly announced to the public?n
nnAnswer: The Foundation has invited PWC to conduct a full audit of the entire ICO process and the future operations of the Foundation, and the audit report will be published to the community. The foundation is completely transparent.n
nnQuestion: Will the other 50 million dpy linear release of specific programs is what is written into the smart contract? Is there a lockout period for the part of the foundation and the team? Can you specify it?n
nnAnswer: The coin will be released on a monthly basis in 2 years. The monthly release of the time may be random, so the impact on the market will be relatively small, to reduce speculation. The team’s DPY will be locked for 12 years, the first year is completely locked, can not move, followed by 2 years of monthly linear release.n
nnQuestion: days count tokens by 50% as a dividend distribution, indicating that the snapshot shall prevail, that coin in the coin how to distribute processing?n
nnAnswer: days are through the snapshot to distribute DPY gift. But snapshots are timed, so at some point in time, snapshots of certain addresses will fail, causing errors. We can take this way to stop the transaction to implement, if our community unified action. It is intended to be distributed monthly. But if the workload is too large, do not rule out the possibility of late adjustment.n
nnQuestion: the starting point of the project, in the choice of trading platform, whether to consider part of the international trading platform? When is the wallet on the line?n
nnAnswer: When we choose the trading platform, we will certainly take into account the international platform. All support for the Etherhouse ERC20 standard wallet, will support the day count DPY tokens. We will work closely with imtoken wallet companies to ensure that everyone’s interests and convenience.n
nnQuestion: Then the above question, I would also like to ask the client wallet is to support a variety of erc20 tokens it, is the status of the light purse or imtoken that kind?n
nnAnswer: The client wallet is a wallet that supports the ERC20 token. The current version is similar to the status of the light purse. You know ha. Can talk privatelyn
nnQuestion: light node mobile wallet will not lead to the user’s traffic is too large, storage is not enough and so on?n
nnAnswer: days count the light node, has begun in the internal test success, has been running on the phone up. Since the light node is based on LES (light ethereum subprotocol), that is, only need to download the block header, so the traffic and storage will not be too much of a problem. Of course, you may need to do a lot of optimization in these areasn
nnQuestion: What is the main risk of the market’s current regulatory risk? What is the strategy, the market is mainly created by the filter mechanism to intervene, whether the need for manual review?n
nnAnswer: Predict the risk of regulatory risk facing the market mainly: 1) the forecasting market created by the promoters is illegal or non-ethical, such as the prediction of the assassination event; 2) the predicted market has a securities attribute or a futures attribute, ; 3) other various anomalies.n
nThe market is initiated, first through the filter to filter; there may be manual participation.n
nnQuestion: How does Delphy plan the path of business development and, in cooperation with the fighting fans, set up a theme for users to predict, one by one to expand business or other forms? In addition to the right to use the token, whether there are other featuresn
nnAnswer: day count hope with the vertical industry community to cooperate with the fighting fans of the cooperation is only a starting point. Often, the cooperative community will initiate the relevant forecasting market based on the interest of its own community users and ask their community users to participate in the forecast. This pattern can be copied, and different vertical communities can correspond to different channels.n
nnQuestion: Where is the key point for the country to define the policy of the market and the gaming market? How to avoid stepping on the red line?n
nnAnswer: Predict the definition of the market and the betting, and now there are not very clear laws and regulations. Personally think that the first day can not touch any currency, and try not to let a single market too much expansion. And as much as possible with the relevant government departments to communicate. So that enterprises, governments, schools and other legitimate institutions to use the forecast market to produce social value. Football Lottery is the field of state control, the day is certainly not touch. The market for soccer is also completely different from footwear. I hope that a lot of attention to the sports outside the forecast market, the only way, the day count better to better play their own value.n
nnQuestion: Is there any overseas business plan? Some countries are allowed to go beyond the predictive nature of business behavior, then overseas to allow the relevant business case whether the opening of related functions?n
nnAnswer: There may be different mechanisms for different countries’ systems. Our day in the design of the time, to fully take this into account. We want to provide a system that can be customized in depth, and only in practice can we understand the realities of different countries.n
nnQuestion: Delphy contract results using the center of the decision, how to ensure the fairness of the center, if RealiableKey personnel were caught how to do? If the core of the contract to determine the part of the use of the center, then the application of the centralization of the application is not easier to develop?n
nnAnswer: on the days of the adoption of the centralization of the prophecy machine oracle, I simply explain it. In view of the current oracle industry is not very developed factors, the day in the beginning of the time, will use the central mechanism of the mechanism. When the market has a lot of similar Oracle providers, we will use M out of N distributed erection mechanism, and ultimately achieve the ideal completely decentralized mechanism of the mechanism. This is a process that needs to be done step by step.n
nnThe Delphy project is now in the ICOAGE, coin, coin, renrenico and other four platforms to start locking, and will be July 31 at 8 pm official ICO, for more information, please scan the following two-dimensional code to add delphy group secret , Such as delphy China official group.n

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