Delphy first round ICO finish: Predict the market journey is the stars of the sea


Reporter: pencil leadn

nYesterday, Delphy (day count) the first round of ICO officially ended. In the current round of ICO, Delphy sold a total of 18% of the tokens of 100 million, raising 36,000 eth, at about 57.6 million yuan at current prices.n
nTo this end, Delphy project team specifically through the block chain pencil published “to predict the market journey is the stars of the sea,” a text, the previous stage of the work to sum up. Block chain pencil is hereby published for your reference, the full text reads as follows:n
nThe Delphy project was officially released from July 4, just like a newborn baby, just full moon. In this month, Delphy’s newborn was favored by the community, and the community experienced a process from scratch. In more than a dozen Delphy official communities, people from all walks of life came to join the chain The new field of a warm study, to explore. Delphy organized five meetings across the country, authoritative media such as People’s Network, Xinhua and so on have reported on Delphy.n

nDelphy National Meeting Tour site in full swing, community investors and Delphy founder Wang Bo to explore the forecast market applicationsn
nHere, we would like to thank the broad masses of our community investors, especially those advisors for Delphy’s growth policy, including Mr. Shen Bo, a distributed capital partner, Mr. Gong Ming, Mr. Gong Ming, Mr. Sun Ming, as well as coin founder Mr. Wu Gang, senior investors to pay the bulk and so on.n
nThe first stage of ico is over, but delphy’s open market is just beginning, and in the next month, delphy will work with community investors to plan ahead, including but not limited to:n
nn1) products to develop the concept of Demo, and gradually open closed beta.n
n2) on the ground to expand the application of vertical industry scenarios, including fighting fans, including the community to cooperate.n
n3) with the industry’s top wallet platform, through the API interface link delphy, easy to use.n
n4) with the industry star investors, joint promotion, to help Delphy community development.n
nnWe know that there are many community friends for a variety of reasons missed the current round of ICO (ICO since the end of yesterday, many investors are in the micro-group, meetup channels that did not buy, to jiacang, etc.). In fact, no regrets, Delphy also planned a second round of ICO, plans to release 8 million DPY, time is scheduled for August 31 20:00 ~ September 5 at 19:59, each ETH can exchange 250 DPY tokens , The Delphy community welcomes everyone to join.n
nWe know that the raised eth reflects the community’s earnest expectations and support for us, and we will do our best to honor our commitments.n
nBut here we also hope that Delphy is not a person or a team, but everyone’s (community holds 52% of the token), predict the development of the market needs of the community to participate. Therefore, we sincerely welcome the community partners to participate in this journey, for product development to express your views for the application of landing to contribute to your strength, your contribution will be recognized and rewarded.n
nWe think that this is the charm of distributed business, everyone for me, I am for everyone. Make a contribution, create value, get reward, look forward to our prediction career grow into towering trees.n
nThe future has come, but not yet popular. As the forerunner of the times, Delphy (day count) embrace the future with you.n
nAbout Delphy Forecast Marketn
nDelphy is an ether-based, mobile-based social market forecasting platform. Its endogenous centralization mechanism ensures that the predictive results are not manipulated and provide an effective infrastructure guarantee for the diversification of information on which the group wisdom depends, the independence of decision-making, and the decentralization of the organization.n
nIn terms of paradigm, Delphy is a mobile application platform and an ecological chain of Predictive Services (PaaS). Users on the one hand can participate in any time and any place to predict the market transactions, on the other hand can also use Delphy API

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