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Delphy as the first regional chain-based distributed forecasting market, after the release of the community caused widespread concern and discussion.n
nSince the beginning of January, including the founder of distributed capital Shen Bo, violent Gong Gong Gong Ming, Shi Ze law firm partner Sun Ming, coin founder Wu Gang, including expert consultants and the majority of concern Deli (Delphy) Project progress investors in the WeChat community for a lot of discussion, now we are mainly concerned about the issue and the official answer is summarized below for reference.n
n1.1 What is the Delphy, what is the vision of Delphy?n
nDelphy is the nation’s first ether-based, distributed, mobile social forecasting market platform. Delphy uses market incentives to help market participants transparently and faithfully express their confidence and judgment about the outcome of future events in order to achieve an effective predictive future.n
nBy providing a distributed, mobile socialized forecasting market platform, anyone at any time to launch their own fair and transparent forecast market to share information and bring together wisdom. This is Delphy’s mission, but also for the best experience brought by domestic users!n
n1.2 What is the difference between forecasting the market and forecasting market and betting?n
nIn essence, the market is based on the principles of the market to collect the confidence and judgment of the parties involved in the same event, resulting in a prediction of the future outcome of the event. If the stock market is priced for the expected future earnings of the stock, the forecast market is pricing the expected results for future events.n
nPredict the market and the betting in terms of connotation and form are very different.n
nFrom the connotation: with the betting purely for the purpose of profit, easy to cause bad social impact is different from the purpose of forecasting the market through the collection and summary of the public confidence in the future events and judgments in order to achieve the future forecast, its behavior itself and the results are Has a strong social value and practical significance. Such as the US presidential election forecast market can help financial markets do risk assessment, the public expectations of housing prices can become a reference for government macroeconomic regulation and control, the weather forecast market can help farmers hedge extreme weather risks.n
nFrom the form: with the betting “buy off” can not change the form of different, the market is expected to predict the results for the future time to predict the market allows participants to buy freely, through the flow of funds to encourage the public to express themselves The prediction and judgment of the results, so as to make more effective use and reflect the group wisdom.n
n1.3 Predict the advantage of the market with large data and other forecasting methods?n
nThe main methods of modern scientific prediction are: 1) the use of statistical and mathematical models; 2) the use of machine learning and data mining; 3) the use of social analysis of the forecast market. Predict the market compared with the other two methods are:n
nnFirst, low cost Mass data collection and frequent replacement models lead to high data analysis costs, by contrast, the market through the incentive mechanism to collect market information, low cost.n
nnnSecond, closer to reality. The factors that affect the event are very complex, and the large data analysis model is difficult to accurately simulate all social phenomena. By contrast, the market is expected to result in a direct result of confidence and judgment in the outcome of the event.n
nnnThird, better timeliness. The massive data sources of large data are based on historical data, and human behavior may change over time, and the results from previous data analysis do not necessarily apply to future decisions. In contrast, the market is able to collect real-time views of events through incentives.n
nnnFourth, break the prediction monopoly. Large data analysis of the high threshold to make it a big company monopoly market tool, the general public can not participate and benefit, predict the arrival of the market will be predicted democratization.n
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n1.4 Where is the pain of the traditional market forecast, how to solve the block chain?n
nTraditionally the pain of the market:n
nnFirst, the central platform can not self-evident innocence, such as many platforms are suspected to manipulate the market, modify the data, so that users suffer lossesn
nnnSecond, the market has been strict since the birth of the financial supervision, resulting in the lack of user volume and transaction size, was left out of the mainstream market, such as the famous is not in line with the Bank of America law was closed.n
nnnThird, the forecast market and the existing intellectual and all public opinion channels have a certain competitive relationship, so that the situation is embarrassing.n
nnThe block chain provides the following solutions: First, the chain of data on the whole network consensus, not tamper with the characteristics of the forecast platform to self-evident innocence. Second, the distributed structure also makes the forecast market has global liquidity, can attract massive users. Finally, the chain-based forecasting market, due to its tokens incentive mechanism, can motivate the intellectual community and attract more professionals to participate.n
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nWhat are the highlights of the 1.5-day Delphy project?n
nn1) for mobile and born: Delphy platform release, suitable for Delphy iOS

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