Denmark may also use blockchain to provide assistance to poor areas

nThe runaway commentary: Since early this year, the role of blockchain in humanitarian assistance has been tapped through the United Nations pilot project, attracting more attention and many relevant agencies have also started research in this area. In its latest report, the Danish Foreign Ministry has proposed to explore blockchain technology and take advantage of its direct assistance to poor areas. This positive blockchain use case plays a crucial role in enhancing the technical image.n
nTranslation: Inan
The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a new report on how blockchain can be used for the distribution of foreign aid.n
Blockchain startups and think tanks Coinify and Sustania also participated in the study to explore ways to use blockchain technology to provide aid to poor areas. This area has drawn the interest of some public sector organizations, including the United Nations. Earlier this year, the United Nations has used Ethereum to provide assistance to thousands of refugees through a pilot project.n
Denmark plans to use the blockchain to send Danish citizens’ aid directly to those in need. The report notes that Denmark should “consider becoming the first donor to grant aid through the use of cryptocurrencies.”n
The potential benefits of such attempts have mainly focused on removing financial intermediaries from the aid process. Donors can send cryptocurrencies directly to foreign governments or groups that receive assistance without having to process funds through the traditional financial system.n
In a statement, Danish Ministry of Development Cooperation Minister Ulla Tornaes said:n
n”The tremendous opportunities that can be brought by the application of technological developments to development cooperation are the blockchain and cryptocurrency that are only part of the technology we are using that will provide us with new tools for developing collaborative work.”n
nThe diplomatic services of other countries, including the United States, also began to view the blockchain as a potential means of providing assistance.n

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