Denmark Saxo Bank’s Bitcoin ETN may be the most secure encryption currency investment

nnnSaxo Bank recently launched two bit currency ETN investment products, used to track the bitcover dollar trading, respectively, “Bitcoin Tracker One” with the Swedish kroner deal, “Bitcoin Tracker EURO” with the euro trading.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nDenmark Saxo Bank is a bank that recently joined the Bitcoin frenzy to provide investors with Bitcoin ETN products.n
nSaxo Bank adds two ETN products to customers who can use Bitcoin. ETN is used to track bit currency against dollar transactions. “Bitcoin Tracker One” deals with the Swedish kroner, “Bitcoin Tracker EURO” is traded in euros. ETN Issuer is XBT Provider AB, which is traded on the NASDAQ OMX Group (Stockholm Nasdaq OMX).n
n”We have been closely following the development of encrypted money, and our Saxo strategy team has been monitoring and evaluating its rapid growth,” said Claus Nielsen, marketing director for Saxo Bank. “We are now adding two trading tools to the Saxo Bank platform to track Bitco transactions, We will understand the customer preferences, so as to build the basis for Saxo Bank Bank to encrypt the money business. “n
nETF Trading Advisor and Executive Director of XBT Provider Laurent Kssis said:n
nn”For Danish investors and Bitcoin communities, this is an exciting time, you can easily and with ease through the bit currency ETN understand the performance of Bitcoin market.”n
nnn”We are pleased and welcome Saxo Markets to allow customers to obtain ETN’s decision, we see the bit as the assets of the number of investors at an alarming rate of expansion, willing to accept the digital asset category, requiring brokers for their access to our bit currency ETN , These have occurred in the past six months. “n
nnDanish philanthropist, investor, London Wimmer Financial LLP CEO Per Wimmer said Saxo Bank’s Bitcoin ETN may be “the safest way to get Bitcoin.”n
nHowever, Wimmer can not determine whether to invest in Bitcoin.n
nn”I still have some doubts about Bitcoin, the best investment advice is that as long as the conditions permit, through the bit currency fluctuations in profit. Bitcoin will continue to fluctuate this year from 1,000 US dollars rose to 4,000 US dollars, the rally is not normal. Mainstream, or gradually eliminated. There is no conclusion, but Bitcoin can not continue to maintain the status quo. “n
nnXBT Provider Investor Relations Director Ryan Radloff commented on the ETN, noting that the XBT Provider’s premium currency ETN managed assets reached $ 200 million. “This is due to strong demand, rising prices and our increase in the number of users of Bitcoin products, and the recent Saxo Markets new product is a great step for more investors in the United States to provide more channels.”n
nn”The Saxo Markets platform increases the Bitcoin ETN to help investors, and we are released in Sweden and have received more support from Scandinavia since the beginning, and this news has made us excited.”n
nnOther online trading platforms to add encrypted money products are IG Group and Hargreaves Lansdown.n

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