[Depth] BTN White Paper Interpretation: the world’s first support for soft and hard extension of the smart contract BTN chain

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Recently, the New Bitcoin (BTN) released its official white paper. This white paper focuses on the BTN chain, a software development platform that supports commercial applications. Developers can develop a new generation of super-application DAPP based on the consensus of BTN chain master node network system and DPoS (share certificate authority machine), so as to realize the development scenario of “low latency of millions of transactions per second”.n
In the BTN white paper, you see the world’s first high-hardware Masternode – BTN Masternode and a low-cost, high-efficiency everything-to-do plan based on the BTN physical master. In addition, BTN chain’s core technologies “decentralized computing, BTN-DC”, “decentralized storage, BTN-FS” and “resource isolation” can be found in the white paper path to achieve the appropriate description and answers.n
It seems from the technical characteristics of the white paper that BTN extends the quality performance of blockchain technologies such as Ethereum and EOS and makes innovations based on it. In BTN’s decentralized smart contract network, a new ecology of blockchain efficient, secure, low-cost support for multiple industries will be built.n
Hard and soft integrationn
According to the white paper, the BTN chain adopts a dual network design, which divides the network into chains and chains by means of resource isolation. The network runs on the key data of the chain, the network runs under the chain of relative importance of low data.n
The BTN chain is the masternode network composed of masternodes in the main chain of the blockchain. Unlike the fullnode of other blockchain projects, the masternode on the BTN chain has very high hardware performance requirements. The masternode, which uses the BTN standard hardware specification, must have high memory, high bandwidth, and high hard disk storage at the physical level. This may be the first blockchain in the world that places a high demand on the masternode in terms of physical performance. In the BTN chain hardware ecosystem, DAPP developers will become hardware standards builders and OEM sponsors.n
With superior computing and storage performance, masternode enables faster connection between BTN chains and software and hardware by retrieving information from the main network. In the software development, BTN chain DAPP can do big data analysis, social software and peer-to-peer payment. In the hardware development, can be applied to unmanned, smart home, robot services and other fields. BTN chain is the whole structure of hardware and software integration.n
Decentralized storage and decentralized computingn
On the BTN chain, decentralized storage and decentralized computing are its core technical capabilities. Speaking of decentralized storage, you can first understand the next IPFS. To put it simply, IPFS is a point-to-point, distributed file system (like bitcoin technology) that allows files stored on an IPFS system to be quickly obtained from anywhere in the world without any firewall effects through an underlying protocol (Without network proxy).n
BTN-FS uses the IPFS technology, which has the advantage of overcoming redundancy, security and privacy.n
For example, you like to watch “Power of Game”, so find the resource download on the Internet and keep it on your PC. However, thousands of people download “tour rights”, each of which caused the storage waste of hard disk space. When using decentralized storage, as long as there are a few people who have the resources, others can draw resources from these people to achieve the purpose of watching the drama without having to download it. This is to save resources and solve excessive redundancy.n
In terms of security and privacy, BTN-FS also has excellent performance. Also take video examples, if you are not uploading “power game”, but your personal video, then BTN-FS you do not have to worry about other people will see your content. You first use the hands of the public key to video encryption, only the private key can be untied. Who do you want to see, and whom to put the private key, and those who do not have a private key can only see you uploaded a video, and can not see the specific content of the video. This is in stark contrast to the current uploading of resources to the cloud on the market, and events such as “data leakage from private photos” do not occur on the BTN chain.n
We are familiar with the traditional hypertext agreement HTTP is centralized, the resources will be stored in a cloud server. Once the cloud server is attacked, the files inside are destroyed. On BTN-FS, decentralized storage means that everyone stores the entire chain of resources. Even if a node’s files are compromised, other nodes have well-preserved files, and the node can restore the original file. Therefore, important files in the BTN-FS will not be malicious attacks delete the case, this is a very safe network.n
In addition, looking for files on the BTN chain is achieved by calculating hash values. The same content of the same two files hash. One hash value corresponds to one address. As long as you calculate the hash value, the contents of the document has not been altered. This corresponds to the reality of the collapse of the scene: the same link, open the file may be found lost or deleted; in the BTN chain, holding the same hash value of the address, this file can be safely used, which Must not be modified.n
The de-centralization of the BTN chain, that is, BTN-DC, can be understood as solving the operation by the masternode on the BTN chain. BTN chain through consensus mechanism quickly find the nearest trusted node, and then the nodes involved in the operation output the answer. BTN chain also mastermode mine near the network resources integration, the establishment of a virtual pool of resources, and then by the masternode service to the needs of resource providers, such as the need for accurate calculation of various types of scientific research projects, web servers, games Server hosting, neural networks, computer software and more. From this, BTN-DC has a wealth of scenarios.n
Across the chainn
Cross-chain communication is another important feature of the BTN chain. The BTN chain will provide a tool for interoperability between chain and chain. It consists of two parts: cross-chain tokens and cross-chain transaction verification. Cross-stranded tokens are similar to the micro-swaps made by lightning networks. Block headers between compatible blockchains can be stored in a high-trust BTN-FS to complete transaction verification.n
The cross-chain communication is equivalent to the second-level transaction network constructed on the basis of the BTN chain, in which both parties need to send the double-signed transaction information through a payment channel to transfer the ownership of the asset. Cross-chain transactions are mainly used in the trading of digital assets. Such atomic transactions greatly improve the efficiency of transactions between the current tokens and reduce the costs. At the same time, the atomicity of cross-chain tokens makes trading between compatible blockchains easy and ensures the security of transactions.n
In addition, the BTN white paper also mentioned other imaginative features, such as the expansion of AI. Later proposed to join the AI ​​chip in the main node, to explore AI to centralize applications. In the mining mechanism, BTN chain used a mixture of DPOS and POM. DPOS to ensure efficient, POM (proof of masternode) to increase the master node participation.n
From the core technical features and application scenarios of the entire white paper, BTN chain is expected to play a role in a series of scenarios such as finance, education, copyright and internet of things. This will be the next generation of intelligent contract technology and real-world scenarios that subvert the Internet. Sources said the BTN team has been engaged in the connection between the game scene and blockchain applications, through the game blockchain technology more directly into everyone’s field of vision, but also to blockchain technology more community, younger.n

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