Deputy director of the Finance Office: the second half to prevent systemic financial risks


Reporter: pencil leadn

nComprehensive media reports, July 27, the State Council Information Office on the current economic situation held a press conference. At the press conference, Yang Weimin, deputy director of the Central Financial Leading Group Office, said that China’s economy is still in the structural adjustment of the clearance period, to prevent and resolve the financial risk of the task is still arduous.n
nYang Weimin said:n
nn”The second half of the economic work, the most important one is to adhere to the overall tone of the work of the second half of the economic work to do” three to ensure “that is to ensure stable and healthy economic development, to ensure that the supply side of structural reform Deepen and ensure that the bottom line that does not experience systemic financial risk is a very important goal. “n
nnOn the systemic risk, he believes that the so-called systemic risk, that is, will affect the overall economic and social risks, and now that to prevent systemic risk, from all areas of small risk points to prevent, such as industry problems, local government Of the debt problem, the state-owned enterprises of individual debt default issues, the relatively high leverage problem.n
nIn this regard, Yang Weimin said:n
nn”Would rather sacrifice a bit of other requirements, but also deal with the relationship between steady growth and risk prevention.”n

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