Despite a year’s bear market, the volume of bitcoin trading was still more than $2 trillion in 2018

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It is a few weeks from the end of 2018, and by now, bitcoin has been trading more than $2 trillion this year. In many countries, bitcoin trading volume in a year time record, it seems that more and more people every day began to accept this popular encryption currency.

According to the Satoshi Capital Research data show that the BTC in the 2018 years of trading value for 2.2 trillion. So far, this figure increased by 61% compared with $870 billion last year.

MasterCard (Mastercard) recently released financial data show that this year in the third quarter of 2018, the total transaction amount of $4 trillion and 400 billion. The world’s second largest payment card companies every day about $12 billion worth of trade settlement. From these data, bitcoin 4014.67-0.15% trading volume has reached the MasterCard half, although last year lost nearly 70% of the value of BTC, the daily turnover of US $8 billion.

Some people might argue that this is because the Mastercard data only includes online and offline payment platform to retailers. Bitcoin data from businesses, futures trading, exchange, and even international payment.

However, a crypto currency and the market value of less than $100 billion MasterCard card (Mastercard) data released roughly the same, this is the enthusiastic support of bitcoin accepted. In view of the Paul Donovan against the people’s negative comments, confirmed this statement is correct. Paul Donovan recently said that encryption currency the world’s most popular is on the verge of collapse.

For the transaction of money in the encryption, the situation may become even better. At the beginning of this year, the Bitcoinist report said, according to a study, the Satis group in 2019, digital currency transactions may increase 50%.

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