Despite the plunge in the price, the ICO will continue

nnIn recent days, the encrypted money market is in a doldrums, and the price squeeze in the other side of the stack is causing a further decline in other currency prices. The current ICO expectations are still being affected, but nevertheless, the enthusiasm for ICO is still not diminishing, and good projects will still raise funds, but will only screen a lot of bad projects, which is The mission of the sustainable development of the economy is necessary.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nDespite the decline in the value of many outstanding encryption currencies, especially the largest number of ERC20 tokens based on the EtherChart during the ICO, the long-term potential chain-chain start-ups will continue to perform well.n
nSince the top of the encrypted currency bitcoin close to the expansion, which may split into two currencies this message, the entire encrypted money field are filled with worry and panic, and therefore are currently being carried out (or ready to open all the chips) Of the start-up companies are also affected by the upper limit.n
nn”Most ICOs need money because they also use French dollars for their expenses.”n
nnGenerally speaking, all new start-ups that raise money through the ICO need cash at some point, and therefore need to sell the raised money into the market. While other factors such as the time it takes for these projects to develop their commitment to the project and the time it takes for the trader to sell the original encrypted currency for the recovery of capital to invest in other new ICO projects have led to lower prices for top-level currencies such as ETH.n
nThe bifurcation of the bitcoin can not be confirmed until the end of July, and it may have been below the new lows before that, but the start-up of the ICO’s start-up does not seem to be affected by this situation. Most companies are not Hindered and continued their plans.n
n”This will affect the total amount of money invested in the ICO as a whole, so good projects will still be financed, but will reduce many bad items, but unfortunately most ICO projects need funds,” said George Popescu of Lampix, Because they need to spend money, so this demand has not changed: no matter how the ETH transaction price, the wages of engineers are roughly the same.n
nJustas Pikelis, co-founder of Monetha, which may become a PayPal rival, also expressed a similar view that this situation is unlikely to have a huge impact on ICO. Pikelis said:n
nn”The price is up and down, but the excellent ICO project will still raise funds, because this is the ether – based economy to usher in the rise of the need.n
nnPopescu is confident that the Ether Square will be able to do such a mission and say to Cointelegraph:n
nn”People should be concerned that ETH soared 1800%, rather than down by 50%, because it is a real one, of course, no one will think that ETH will always be stable at high, but now the price of ETH has stabilized, ICO may be Investing in a more reliable source of significant returns from the early companies. “n
nIt is important to diversify ICO assetsn
nMaximilian Power of Brickblock argues that the price volatility of the money market is not a matter of two days, so he wants all start-ups that have already been to ICO to diversify their proportionate assets as soon as possible to hedge the price volatility in some form The impact brought about.n
nHe said:n
nn”The volatility of gold prices is usually around 1.2%, while the BTC price of 30 days fluctuations of about 3.19%, 60 days was 4.39% .We see the digital currency investment is on the rise, and I also expect long-term price fluctuations weakened , Which is proportional to the overall global investment trend and quantity. “n
nnPower concludes:n
nn”For the upcoming ICO project, due to reduced investment, short-term market collapse or adjustment may be considered unfavorable.However, due to the overall continued upward trend, the recent market adjustment is considered a very benign health development of.”n
nnWhile recent market corrections may hinder investors from participating in ICO projects or may have a short-term impact on the development of the APF, the level of support for the recent ICO program is certainly beyond expected and reasonably estimated. As some of the recent projects are usually in the absence of any promising products or mature teams in the case will also get a disproportionate investment, which requires more to strengthen control measures.n

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