Deutsche Bank: Cryptocurrency “Necessary governance” “may” come in 2023

nBankruptcy comment: Deutsche Bank Chief Investment Officer said in an interview that the formation of cryptocurrency control may take five to ten years to warn the current speculative significantly, the financial markets on the cryptocurrency volatility also very seriously, calling for close cooperation between enterprises and regulatory. Bank analysts also believe it is the capitalist fanatics that chase profit from this volatile trend. The lukewarm attitudes towards cryptocurrencies in the German consumer sector are in stark contrast to those in other countries and are not favorable to the trend of international regulation.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Markus Mueller, chief investment officer at Deutsche Bank, pointed out that “governance”, which legitimizes cryptocurrencies, could be shaped in five to ten years.n
In an interview with Bloomberg on January 29, Mueller warned that the current cryptocurrency investment is only for “speculative investors,” and urged businesses in the sector to work with regulators.n
He predicts that “once security and trust have been established, cryptocurrencies can be valued and valued like a stable asset class.”n
n”The governance that needs may occur in five to ten years.”n
nEncrypted currency prices will not change the Deutsche Bank has always been not optimistic attitude, also warned in December, the financial markets will be bitcoin’s “big deal as a trifle.”n
In a mid-January report, Deutsche Bank analyst Masao Muraki argued that the lack of volatility in traditional markets drives investors’ interest in higher-risk assets such as Bitcoin.n
n”More and more institutional investors are now looking at cryptocurrency as an adventurous frontier to assess the sustainability of asset prices.”n
nThe level of consumption of cryptocurrencies at the consumer level in Germany continued to lag far behind that of the enthusiasm of other countries, such as Switzerland, a neighboring country.n
Earlier this month, at the 2018 World Economic Forum, the Bank of Germany governor dismissed the statement that the Anglo-American lawmakers believe that currency secrecy should be brought together.n

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