Develop a block chain strategy: Deloitte CTO has something to say

nnnStruggling Comments: Deloitte is one of the first companies to focus on the chain of chains, for this emerging technology, its investment strategy is also very special. All along, only announced two investment enterprises, the specific scale of investment did not announce. However, the company said that its investment strategy based on detailed market research, in the global set up a chain of chain trends and data collection organizations, the professional team to provide a good reference for the company investment.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nAs one of the first companies to explore the block chain technology, Deloitte quickly became a frequent visitor to all industry news and conferences, but how important is this emerging technology to it?n
nDespite last year’s Deloitte generate $ 36 billion, but only invested in a start-up company. And only the formal establishment of two block chain laboratory, the third will be established.n
nSo Deloitte’s investment strategy may be as quiet as a few times. But Bill Praiggs, chief technology officer, said the fact was not the case.n
nBriggs exclusive disclosure, some shrewd projects not only help Deloitte decided to invest in the chain chain, but also proved leading to enter the chain area is good.n
nn”We are drawing the value of the map, elaborating specific areas, specific functions and processes of the industry; where there are specific, easy to understand the actual value”?n
nnBriggs estimates that 70% of Deloitte’s investment is used for easy-to-understand product market match, with the remaining 30% for less certain experimental projects.n
nn”The farther you go, no one can give you the answer.”n
nData vacuumn
nThe core of the strategy is a series of steps aimed at making use of the wisdom of the masses. But not only the masses to provide information for Deloitte investment data.n
nOn the contrary, the 244,000 consulting firm set up a global network to explore the latest block-chain trends based on data collected by employees.n
nThe Deloitte S3 organization, which was established in October 2015, includes a strategic analyst who is only responsible for “perceiving, discovering and exploring” global financial services. “This organization in New York, three analysts gather the original data for customers, and start-up companies Buy DataFox data to find valuable potential models.n
nThe factors that take into account the investment include the market size and the market dynamics.n
nAnd then convey these trend analysis to Deloitte’s Ecosystem Relationship Management Platform, which is a popular customer relationship management model in several industries and then sent directly to the selected employee organization. These organizations send feedback based on an understanding of the trend.n
nIn the same way, Deloitte’s “Innovation Tech Terminal” “Discovery Service” in Tel Aviv, Israel, will start with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu’s strategic strategy to help corporate customers invest in identity companies since November last year.n
n”This has always been a recycling mechanism, but group wisdom is important because it is a way of using Deloitte’s industry,” said Eric Piscini, director of Deloitte’s global chain.n
nUnified interestn
nThe chain of chain investment research is used by Deloitte’s global staff.n
nWhile S3 is focused on block chains and other financial technology applications, Briggs also helps manage what he calls “smart tracking, looking for a wide range of global investment opportunities.”n
n”Small Legion” through the customer profile, with venture capitalists and private equity companies meeting, collecting investment strategies and information, to understand which areas may be beginning to reveal the skill of a technology.n
nThe quality of these meeting data is different from that of other sources, since the nature of their decisions dictates that these data sources are associated with the initial trends in the development of start-up companies.n
nBriggs said, “It’s a win-win, it not only makes us smarter, but also provides investment information to help invest faster to upgrade.”n
nInvestment decision n
nEarly in 2015, the concept of the chain chain through the Deloitte investment research was spread, tested as a new area of ​​corporate investment.n
nAlthough Deloitte did not disclose the total number of investments in the field, Briggs first disclosed the use of these funds.n
nUsually Deloitte direct investment customers, Briggs called “risk-based sharing or value-based results” to help promote and accelerate the “in our recognized areas” applications.n
nUsually these investment objectives are service-oriented start-up companies, the purpose is to increase customer base. However, at the early stage of the block chain application, Deloitte only disclosed the investment of a chain-chain start-up company, the financial infrastructure provider, and a chain-chain educational institution, Singularity University.n
nDeloitte did not invest directly in these companies, but chose to invest in the development of the chain area, the purpose is to fill the talent pool, in-depth understanding of possible future investment opportunities to bring the data.n
nn”We combine data analysis, market analysis and the intuition of our global experts and practice leaders.”n
n”We are increasingly choosing to invest with our customers, partners and the entire ecosystem, whether it is a result-based transaction structure, product joint development, equity or acquisition.”n
nFuture plan n
nBriggs mentions that the development of block chains in Dublin and New York’s financial sector and the potential for cross-industry are the main reasons for determining the investment in the establishment of block-chain laboratories in these areas.n
nDeloitte recently invested in a third lab, which is in Hong Kong.n
nAfter the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Deloitte u0026 Touche and other companies’ block-chain trials, the labs were “open and just released.”n
nThe goal of setting up a laboratory in September was two, one for building blocks of knowledge and the other for understanding the next investment direction.n
nn”As long as the market and customer needs and our own growth and investment to keep in line, will produce good results.”n

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