Development Institute of Development Research Center of the State Council: the use of “regulatory sandbox” to explore the new financial business regulatory innovation


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nAccording to the relevant media reports, the State Council Development Research Center, the former director of the Institute of Finance Zhang Chenghui in the fourth session of the “creation of the Internet financial unlimited future” Summit, said that there are a large number of financial business is not included in the regulation, in accordance with the central policy, financial supervision must ” Full coverage “. At the same time, the traditional financial supervision has not yet adapted to the development of the Internet, she proposed to use the “regulatory sandbox” to explore the new financial business regulatory innovation.n
nZhang Chenghui that the Internet-led financial and technological development can greatly improve the efficiency of Pratt u0026 Whitney financial services. With the development of artificial intelligence, financial employment, financial education will bear a new round of shock.n
nBut she believes:n
nn”China’s financial technology with global competitiveness.”n
nnThe fifth national financial work conference proposed to strengthen the professionalism of financial regulatory penetration, all financial business should be included in the regulation. Zhang Chenghui that the traditional financial regulatory approach has not yet adapted to the development of the Internet. How regulators can adapt to the challenges of information technology is a matter of concern to regulators and research institutions.n
nOn how to grasp the regulatory standards, Zhang Chenghui mentioned in the UK, Singapore has implemented the “regulatory sandbox” system.n
nWhich she said:n
nn”China how to establish a regulatory sandbox, is the need to explore the issue.”n

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