Development of Enterprise – level Smart Contracts – An Interpretation of Design Design

nThe block chain provides a platform for the operation of the smart contract, and the business logic realized through the intelligent contract on the block chain platform can not be tampered with, and it is difficult for hackers to attack a node in the block chain system. The whole network of downtime.n
nHowever, the existing block chain platform, such as Bitcoin, Ethernet Square, super books and other aspects of performance and other aspects of the disadvantages, can not be large-scale commercialization. Achain is a pioneer in enterprise-class smart contract development that can help many industries migrate traditional centralized applications to the intelligent contract platform to meet the new global, modular and innovative background.n
nWhy can Achain be able to adapt to enterprise-class smart contract development? Because in the Achain design using the following technical points:n
nDevelopment tools – born for Achainn
nOn the Achain platform, both the primary developer who is just touching the block chain and the old driver who has developed a variety of development tools can quickly adapt to its smart contract development tools. Developers can use the development tools to write contracts, compile contracts, register contracts to block chains, invoke smart contracts on block chains, and so on to complete the entire life cycle of smart contracts.n
nSmart contract language – Gluan
nContract language, the use of Glua language, derived from a widely used in the field of game plug-in language Lua deformation. How should the parameters of the contract global function be filled, the framework of the large contract and the external library that can be called can find the answer in the Achain Smart Contract Glua language syntax and API interface.n
nBlock Chain Browser – Faithful Recordn
nAchain’s block-chain browser embraces the open and transparent “honest” qualities of the block chain. Each transaction, each contract, each call can be easily accessible through the block chain browser.n
nEvent notification mechanism – open linen
nIn the two parallel worlds of block chains and reality, it is particularly important to establish effective connection and feedback mechanisms. And Achain’s “event triggering” mechanism, the establishment of a link between the world and the real world data connectivity, and produce interactive channels. Like the universe of the chain of thousands of miles of the world, regardless of a few parallel to the universe can always be as in the side, on the contrary the real world can continue to call through the contract to the block chain world to pass information.n
nSandbox mechanism – full function simulatorn
nIn the Achain design provides a sandbox mechanism, it is a full-featured simulator, when the user into the sandbox, without spending tokens, but can access all the chain function, quickly verify your contract. In the local contract simulator, when the simulator is successfully debugged, and then formally on the chain, not only can reduce the probability of error contract on the chain, but also reduce the cost of debugging contracts.n
nIn general, Achain’s platform feature design greatly reduces the difficulty of intelligent contract development, in the early smart contract platform beta, there have been many developers have tried gaming applications, insurance claims application development. Achain provides a complete set of visual development environment for enterprise-class distributed application development provides the simplest, safe and flexible development platform.n

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