Dig bitcoin easier now

Because the hash bitcoin mining rate as prices decline, mining the difficulty for design reasons, make bitcoin more easy to dig.

Bitcoin mining difficulty reduction

Since 2018 the price of bitcoin although in most of the time they are in a state of decline, but the bitcoin network hash rate and mining difficulty has been on the increase. But now it seems that bitcoin mining also with other ecosystem like to feel the pressure.

According to data from Blockchain.com, the bitcoin network difficulty and hash rate decreased by 15%. Hash rate refers to the block chain network finally, and difficulty refers to the miners can easily dig new piece of difficulty.

XDEX chief analyst Fernando Ulrich (Fernando Ulrich) second decline bitcoin history force commented. One is the largest decline occurred in 2011 18%.

Bitcoin has just experienced difficulty second history by: -15.1%. This is bitcoin network hash value ranking drop:

01 November 2011: -18.0% 03 December 2018: -15.1% October 16, 2011: -13.1% December 27, 2012: -11.6% March 26, 2011: 9 – 5% January 26, 2013: -8.6% 01 December 2011: -8.5% May 25, 2012: -9.2% Shut down the machine

Why mine authorities, will reduce the degree of difficulty. Because when the vehicle after the shutdown, to calculate the new algorithm block need not enough is. Therefore, the difficulty of mining was designed for each of the 2016 blocks, will adjust a network difficulty.

Therefore, the current price of bitcoin miners continue mining, there is no profit, so the miners can only choose the machine. However, because the current difficulty decreased with competitors bitcoin compared to cash and cash SV bitcoin, bitcoin mining will become more profitable.

Although in 2018 the main bearish, but since mid November, BTC prices fell even more sharply, fell 38% – apparently profits lower miners.

In 2018 a year since the bitcoin market has been in decline since November, but bitcoin prices fell even more sharply, down 38%, which makes the profit even lower mining miners.

In a recent interview, the fourth BTC mining pool F2pool gross bank revealed that since mid November, bitcoin prices began to fall, has about 800000 sets of machine shutdown.

Bitcoinentrprenuer Alistair Milne (Alistair Milne) also made comments on the current trend, he pointed out ironically, bitcoin network five months to hash rate this is the network of “unsafe” one.

He added that, because bit bitcoin hoarding a lot of cash, and cash price of bitcoin also greatly impact the miner.

However, although the bitcoin hash value decreased, increased the risk of bitcoin network attacks, but Autonomous Partners Arai Anna Simpson (Arianna Simpson) said that with the decline in the price of bitcoin, bitcoin network will be adjusted, this is a feature of the bitcoin network, rather than defect”.

In the case of low difficulty, new miners will be easier to re-enter and get bitcoin reward.

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