Digital currency opponents: bitcoin will be zero

With bitcoin (BTC) and the price of the dollar fell sharply, outspoken opposition critics began to claim a digital currency, bitcoin will inevitably lose all value and return to zero.

However, this argument ignores a bitcoin abnormal strong rebound, its value relative to the dollar exchange rate rose 1850%, an increase from $1000 to $19500. In any market, a similar rate of rebound is often accompanied by a sustained downward trend and months of the integration period.

Fundamentally speaking, promotes the traditional stock growth and encryption currency is different. However, all the same market experienced a bear market and bull market cycle, especially after the abnormal growth of long-term unsustainable rate.

In the past 11 years, Apple Corp has experienced four major adjustments, each fall evenly, the stock fell about 30%. In contrast, bitcoin has experienced five major revision, each fell an average of nearly 85%. But, on average, the dominant currency encryption takes 65 weeks to recover, and create a new record.

The market is completely based on the needs of investors, if investors believe that to maintain a sharp rebound in the next few years, even some of the biggest market is likely to hit a steep sell-off.

Compared to a few years ago, bitcoin may take longer to recover, because the market is more structured, a large part of the mainstream has been aware of asset classes.

However, because of this year prices fell by 85%, thus claiming the assets may fall to zero is not accurate, because in the last year, it shows the 1850% increase, and is expected to have a major adjustment after such a big change.

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