Digital Money Exchange ShapeShift Acquires Bit Coin Wallet Venture Company

nnnIn the August 16 news, the digital currency exchange ShapeShift acquired Bitcoin hardware wallet business company KeepKey. This will make ShapeShift further growth, but also conducive to KeepKey brand and product success in the future, both sides think this is a win-win decision.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nDigital currency exchange ShapeShift acquired Bitco hardware wallet start-up company KeepKey, the two companies have announced the news on August 16.n
nAccording to the announcement, ShapeShift will keep the KeepKey brand and its employees will continue to work on the hardware product line. KeepKey was originally created through its API last summer with ShapeShift.n
nAlthough the details are not disclosed, but this is the first time to focus on hardware products, the start-up companies were acquired.n
nKeepKey’s chief technology officer Ken Hodler said in a statement:n
nn”This partnership ensures the future success of the KeepKey brand and product line, and joining the ShapeShift team will enable us to focus on continuing to develop better technology and security for encrypted asset holders.”n
nnA few months ago, ShapeShift had just finished a round of investment to raise $ 10.4 million in funding. At that time, the exchange listed a list of its supporters, including led the investment of Earlybird Venture Capital.n
nIt is also important to note that KeepKey has terminated its support for MultiBit’s bitcover wallet that was acquired in May 2016 at the end of last month.n

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