Digitally certified assets re-stolen! How did new technologies ensure the security of digital certificates?

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Although digital certificates have a short history of assets, the discussion on security has never ceased since its inception. Last week, Coincheck, one of Japan’s largest bitcoin exchanges, was hacked again and stole a new currency worth 58 billion yen (about 500 million U.S. dollars). This amount has surpassed the historic Mentougou incident (Mt.Gox, which was stolen at about 470 million U.S. dollars). Although CoinCheck took active measures after the event, it said it would compensate users. But it can not help but trigger the speculation that this will not be another Mentougou incident? In this case, in addition to individual users, the security of enterprise assets in the blockchain industry is also under severe threat.n
Digital certificate asset safe?n
From Mt.Gox in 2013 to The DAO in 2016, to today’s Coincheck, the currency invaders are increasing year by year, both in size and volume. Is it really unable to effectively protect the security of digital certificate assets? In the traditional financial area where we can store assets in a bank or in our own safe, can the same solution be applied to digital certificates?n

The recently released DEMO version BOX, a high-security digital certificate asset management system, is such an enterprise-class digital certificate of deposit security. So, what is BOX specifically? How to bring safety protection? This is exclusive to you.n
What is BOX?n
BOX is a set of proprietary digital certificate asset management system owned by the enterprise. Through this system, it can centrally manage all kinds of digital certificates owned by an enterprise and at the same time, it can ensure that the digital certificate of the enterprise Security. Private key stored in the memory of the signature machine, it will not do persistent storage. In extreme cases, the signature machine is invaded, it is difficult for the intruder to find the private key in a short period of time, and at the same time, the private key is used to reduce the risk of the private key exposure. In addition, BOX also has intrusion lock, prevent bypass and other security mechanisms, greatly enhance the security of corporate assets.n

BOX team has the faith and love of the blockchain industry, and a deep understanding of the security industry pain point – if you can not be improved, it may affect the development of the entire blockchain industry. Therefore, after a lot of theoretical discussions and scenario demonstrations, BOX team summed up a high-security digital certificate asset management system such as BOX (Enterprise Token Safe Box). Using the axiomatic techniques in the areas of blockchain, cryptography and communications security, the private key and operation instructions of various types of digital certificate assets are protected. BOX solves the problems of private key and instruction stealing and tampering in principle .n
Industry coffee tells you why you need BOXn
BOX plays an important role in the field of digital certificate assets. It has a wide range of applications and can be applied to the management of enterprise assets as well as the third party trading platform for audit risk control and trading. In response, investors, audit risk control and the founder of the project side, managers and other industry cafes were born on the BOX was affirmed.n
Yi Lihua, founding partner of Coin Capital, expressed his distress in the management of digital certificate assets during BOX’s first seminar on digital certificate security technology and said the emergence of BOX will solve this problem well .n

SP consulting founder: Bryan Zhangn
In addition, Bryan Zhang, founder of SP Consulting, also described BOX’s value in the audit risk control industry. He said:n
n”Our main concern is the issue of internal control of digital certificate assets, which Darm has just mentioned, and security is of the utmost importance to digital asset-backed investors as well as digital asset-backed asset holders The second is the job division of labor, and then is the authority and approval, approval authority, operational control, billing and accounting links.But now due to the lack of a common standard, digital certificate of assets control does not have a clear guide, That’s one of the big challenges we face … so we really need a digital certificate of identity management tool like BOX. “n
nAs a blockchain industry participant, most people have high expectations and a firm belief in the technology, but every asset stolen event is cracking down on people’s confidence. We really need an app that combines great safety and convenience to give the industry a reassurance.n
Security is not safe, you have the final say! BOX sincere welcome to the community of technology enthusiasts try to break the BOX system to get the private key, high bids waiting for you! We look forward to growing with the community.n

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