Dimon once again criticized Bitcoin: it might crack down on “no value” encrypted currency

nnJudge: Jamie Dimon, chief executive of JPMorgan Chase, is mercilessly rated, and even called fraud. Has recently expressed its opposition to this behavior of creating money and value out of thin air, pointing out that the technology “will end badly.” The government will crack down on the emerging currency that has emerged out of thin air. But he does not oppose the digital currency, including the government issued the digital currency.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Jamie Dimon talks about this topic again.n
Recently criticized Bitcoin, JP Morgan CEO again appeared in the media, warned the technology “will be a bad end.” In a new round of media interviews, Dimon said Bitcoin, currency and ICO let him worry about the emergence of a large number of encrypted currencies, I believe the government will soon hit this phenomenon.n
He predicted that the scene will not look good, the government will eventually threaten the user by legal means, the encrypted currency into the black market.n
n”At the moment these encrypted currencies are new things, think they are good, but they grow more and more, the more the government to ban them.”n
nDialogue The Economic Times in India, Dimon elaborated on some of his own ideas, this time about the possibility that global government agencies might issue encrypted money.n
n”We already have a digital currency, you can have a digital rupee, so I do not object to the digital currency.”n
nn”I’m talking about making money and value out of thin air, and the government now thinks it’s new, but it’s better and less like new things.”n
nBefore the new comment, Dimon has publicly stated that Bitcoin is “fraud” and that any employee who conducts a bit currency transaction will be dismissed. Importantly, Dimon is currently accused by the Swedish company Blockswater of false misleading information.n

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