Discussion: will bitcoin return to zero?

In a Bloomberg (Bloomberg) exclusive interview, the fort (Fortress Financial) financial executives, and later became the password center commercial bank CEO nouvo Graz (Novogratz), on his personal assets and dispersed block chain application gives some key insights. Surprisingly, according to reports, the diehard 20% of its personal wealth invested in encryption currency (such as Ethereum ETH). In accepting the financial media Eric Schatz J (Erik Schatzker) interview, Graz Maikenuowonuowo (Mike Novo Novogratz) in a joking way to open a frank dialogue, he said that he had become the bitcoin industry’s “ugly face”, with him for several months as the representative of the crypto currency (peace to experts) the image of a far cry from. However, despite his recent bitcoin industry are classified as “ugly face”, but he explained that he still believes that support bitcoin (blockchain) and the technology of digital assets.

However, Novo explained, “the revolution will not happen overnight,” and added that a significant rebound in 2017 is obviously a bubble, “people will come to me, to the self, because by the time the password will tend to smooth down assets clearly. The industry is clearly suggesting that encryption does not appear to be an easy thing, because the traditionalists are expected to conflict. The encryption Ikigai hedge fund founder and producer Traveras Colin (Travis Kling) recently told TD Ameritrade Network explained that the industry is still in the early stages of encryption. He added that the bitcoin 10 years most of history has just started. For the same reason, crypto currency supporters explained that most of the encryption (i.e. currency bitcoin) publicity and development are carried out in the past 18 to 24 months, but not during this ecosystem. Therefore, Clinton explained that the encryption monetary revolution is a “years, decades” of the game, rather than short-term profit opportunities.

Back to Graz on behalf of the Milky Way digital nuofo, then talked about the future of bitcoin. With him earlier in the CNN Money comments on the echoes, the industry executives pointed out that bitcoin is likely to become a digital gold, then he joked that the assets will become the “Pyramid legal plan”. Graz nuofo gives the reason behind him, and let people pay attention to the Yale University (Yale University) recently on encryption currency raid. He added that some of the smartest people, such as the Yale University Endowment Fund (endowment) head David (David Swensen), Swensen saw bitcoin and the value of innovation.

Interestingly, Clinton also mentioned the value proposition, he pointed out that bitcoin can not reach all expectations, become a trading settlement layer of global security, it is not dispersed variable, and are not subject to review, cost and time effective, at the same time carrying the two coming of yellow gold. He added that even if bitcoin gold accounted for only 10% of the market value of the popular digital assets are still 9 times the growth potential.

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