Distributed capital, Chainfunder and other professional block chain funds together to invest Delphy (day count)


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nAs the first regional chain forecasting market project, Delphy has received the attention of investors since its birth and has received support from the distributed capital of the famous block chain investment fund. In addition, the institutional investors are also interested in Delphy Project is highly concerned.n
nRecently, the famous digital asset investors paid a large chain of chain chain investment funds ChainFundation, announced the investment Delphy (day count). Delphy is a market based on the block chain, which solves the painstaking points that the traditional predictive market is difficult to prove and provides an effective infrastructure for the diversification of the information on which the group wisdom depends, the independence of the decision-making and the decentralization of the organization Guarantee.n
nSo, what exactly is the forecast market, and why do investors choose Delphy to predict the market?n
nWhat is the forecast market?n
nThe forecast market is also known as the “information market”, “view market” and “event market”, and the market is based on market principles to collect the confidence and judgment of the parties involved in the same event, resulting in a prediction of the future outcome of the event The If the stock market is priced for the expected future earnings of the stock, then the forecast market is priced for the expected results of future events. At present, the forecast market in China is still a new thing, belonging to a blue ocean.n
nWhy choose to invest in Delphy?n
nChainFundation founder points to pay big head said:n
nn”In the past few years, although many foreign teams have taken the lead in building a market platform based on the block chain, the real results are very few.”n
nnDistributed capital founder Shen Bo said:n
nn”Predict the market has a lot of applications, is a typical project with the block chain, can block the chain of distributed, tokyo economic characteristics to the extreme.”n
nnAugur is the first forecast market in the etherfront project, at the beginning of the creation of a great concern, the current market value of 110 million US dollars still remain in the demo stage.n
nCoincidentally, Gnosis in April this year to refresh the record of the record, ten minutes to complete the ICO, 4.19% of the token sold 12.5 million dollars, after two years has not yet launched demo, is expected in the third quarter of next year will have mobile applications The In addition, foreign teams do not understand the Chinese market, it is difficult to create and provide the Chinese people interested in the events and topics, and user experience is the most critical. “n
nIt is understood that Delphy days in the beginning of the team in 2014 to study the market, and investment in augur and gnosis and other ICO, the two projects have had a deep study and on the basis of the previous two made a great Improve and optimize.n
nCompared with gnosis and Augur, Delphy’s advantage lies in:n
nnFirst, Delphy is a mobile APP, user-friendly. Delphy platform is available for Delphy iOS

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