Distributed Capital Research Report (4): ICO Eco – Circle and Track Research


Author: Distributed Capital analyst – Huang Qiao Meng Hankshuang90n

nICO fiery behind, is a human expansion of the digital new continent. This can not help but think of 500 years ago, the great navigational era, when the Dutch invented the stock, bringing together the power of the whole society for overseas expansion, the East India Company as the representative of the sea coachman to dominate the world for centuries.n
nToday, we are in the digital age of the blasting period, all kinds of infrastructure research and construction requires a lot of financial support, ICO as a block chain economy of the original financing, for the first time for the open source community building to find endogenous economic incentives Have attracted much attention.n
nOf course, the advent of the digital New World has just begun, just like the big naval fleet will encounter a storm, digital navigation era of scientific engineering experiments may also encounter twists and turns, but it is bound to be a brave adventure of human society.n
nLook at the sky at the same time, we should also down to earth. This report focuses on the current status of ICO investment and financing, including those links in the ecosphere, ICO projects have what kind of track, what investment logic is worth exploring.n
nICO more than venture, gradually mainstreamn
nAs one of the two financing methods in the chain area, ICO has developed rapidly faster than traditional venture since 2016. Especially since this year, has been more than VC financing.n
nAccording to statistics, the total chain investment in the chain area in 2016 totaled $ 496 million, ICO amounted to $ 236 million, close to half of the amount of venture capital. As of May 15, 2017, the global chain of chain investment this year, about 107 million US dollars, while the ICO has reached 125 million US dollars, the first time more than the size of the traditional VC.n
nSpecifically, the global ICO investment in 2017 more than 50, of which four domestic and foreign 47, star projects such as Cosmos, Qtum, iEx, Gnosis, Aragon, BAT, Status, Tenx and so on are widely concerned about the market and Actively involved.n
nICO ecosystemn
nICO is similar to the traditional financial IPO, its ecological system draws on the traditional financial architecture. In fact, after the rise of the ICO wave, most of the interest in the chain and coin circles has been attracted, and has since initially formed a unique ecological system, including investment institutions, ICO platform, ICO media, exchanges, digital asset management and other roles , And in the increasingly perfect.n
nICO ecosystem, ICO project for the provision of a full range of financial services, surveyed figures of the Nuggets era selling water.n
nICO investment institutions: Although the current ICO investment or individual-oriented, but the involvement of professional investment institutions has become a trend. For institutional investors, the early withdrawal of technology in the block chain is longer, and ICO, the investment tokens can get the liquidity of investment funds in a short period of time, which makes institutional investors involved in ICO’s Power is strong.n
nForeign institutional investors have been involved in ICO projects earlier. In March, Blockchain Capital, a venture capital fund that invested 42 block chain projects, raised its $ 50 million in the third round, of which $ 10 million was issued by issuing a token called “BCAP” To finance, the subject of its investment ICO. In addition, another venture capital fund Polychain capital also raised 10 million US dollars, focusing on ICO and tokens investment.n
nICO platform: ICO platform is equivalent to the role of brokerage firms, on the one hand to help ICO project financing counseling, on the one hand for retail investors to provide ICO investment channels.n
nTake ICOAGE as an example, including white paper consulting, compliance architecture design, company / foundation registration, product positioning development counseling, ICO program design, exchange communication and other services. It is understood that ICOAGE has been working with the four major accounting firms PricewaterhouseCoopers, ICO brokerage business has become a trend of convergence.n
nICO Media: The vast majority of ICO investors are individuals, so project promotion and roadshow in a city is particularly important.n
nTo block the pencil, for example, the provision of press releases publicity, the creation and maintenance of the investor community, online and offline road activities activities, ICO project information after the release of services.n
nExchange: ICO project is unique, that is, investors get the token can be traded, as the original stock market, investors have the opportunity to enjoy a certain premium.n
nAt present, the world has a total of more than 400 large and small digital currency exchange. Foreign typical ICO tokens exchanges include: Poloneix, Bittrex and so on.n
nICO diversified trackn
nAccording to incomplete statistics, the current ether square has been more than 500 kinds of various applications, distributed in dozens of different tracks. I chose the typical circuit in the typical application, for example as follows:n
nnBottom base chain: Ethereum, Q-tum, Bitshares, Waves, EOS, Tezosn
nDistributed Storage: IPFS, Sia, Maidsafe, Storjn
nDistributed Computing: iExec, Golem, Elasticn
nInternet of things: IOTAn
nCross chain: Bancor, infinite, COSMOSn
nAnonymous Currency: Digital Cash, Zcash, Komodon
nAsset Management: Melonport, Iconomi, Taas, Blockchain Capital, DigixDAOn
nLoan: Humaniq, Wetrustn
nGames: Firstblood, GameCredits, Bitcrystalsn
nPay (C-side wallet, business client): Omesigo, Plutus, Blockpayn
nDebit Card: Tokencard, Tenxn
nRemittance: cloaking, Ripple, Stellan
nContent Share: Decent, Steemit, BAT, SingularDTVn
nForecast Market: Truthcoin, Augur, Gnosisn
nSocial communication: Status, Matchpooln
nDevelopment tools: Lisk, Stratisn
nKnowledge Base: Lunyrn
nPublic platform: Wings, Virtual Accelerator, Swarmn
nProof of existence: Factomn
nAuthentication: Civicn
nRecruitment platform: ChronoBankn
nPoints: Incentn
nnIt should be said that most ICO projects are still in the initial incubation period, and in subsequent studies, distributed capital will track typical projects on these tracks and give analysis.n
nDiscussion on the Value of ICO Projectn
nICO project endless, can be described as squandering for charming eyes, I believe that the value of an ICO project can be discussed from the following dimensions.n
nnFirst, the ICO public chain project is essentially a decentralized ecology, and the infrastructure needed for ecology is the most urgent, including a more reliable and powerful base chain, development tools, wallets, exchanges, asset management platforms Wait.n
nnSuch as the Civic project, to the center of the digital identity authentication, can provide products for the block chain KYC service, is a typical infrastructure. Another example is Aragon, a pioneer in the center of the company, in the block chain to provide all the operations of the company module, includingn
nAccounting, charter, cap table, governance, fundraising and payroll, etc., to enable the company’s management to operate entirely through the block chain.n
nnSecond, ICO in the creation of distributed ecology, it will inevitably encounter the original Internet ecological competition, and the Internet after 20 years to tell the development has penetrated into all aspects of social economy, the block chain project needs to focus on solving the Internet has not yet To solve the pain point.n
nnSuch as the Steemit project, the central content-sharing platform, is to solve the traditional Internet for content producers and readers to provide incentives. Another example is the Wings project, which is a centralized platform to support and promote new projects through the establishment of a DAO, to stimulate the participation of experts around the world, to solve the traditional Internet of the lack of incentives and professional division of labor pain points.n
nnThird, ICO tokens economy to design a perfect Token business model, a clear token itself in the ecological system functions, the role, to find appreciation logic.n
nnSuch as the famous ether square project, its tokens ETH on the one hand can be used to invest in ICO, is its largest application scenarios,n
nOn the one hand will be issued in the operation of ICO and system operation is consumed to ensure its huge demand. Another example is the Tenx project, which aims to allow more people to own and use digital assets, and some of the profits generated in their ecosystems will be used to purchase Tenx tokens to ensure that the demand for surrender is rewarded.n
nAbout distributed capitaln
nDistributed capital was established in October 2015, sponsored by the Universal Holdings invested 50 million US dollars, has been set up in the world from the total number of 40 companies diversified portfolio, covering a variety of stages of development, vertical industry, regional and business model. The idea of ​​distributed capital is to link the global zoning chain through the global chain-chain enterprise layout.n
nWith the industry’s most professional international investment team, there are four partners, including China Wanxiang Holdings Vice Chairman, Boshi Fund founder, Nankai University doctor Xiao Feng, the founder of the tower, “2016” Fortune “magazine global 40 years old elite “Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of the bit unit Shen Bo, former Merrill Lynch Securities TMT industry analyst Wang Liming. At the same time, many of the investment managers and industry analysts of distributed capital have long-term experience in large international investment management.n
nIf you have a good block chain application program, or want to participate in the area chain investment, please contact us.n
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