Distributed Capital Research Report (5): Distributed Digital Asset Management Sailing


Author: Distributed Capital analyst – Huang Qiao Meng Micro Signal: Hankshuang90n

nThis year, to Bitcoin, ether Square as the representative of the digital currency can be described as grabbed the limelight, the appreciation of several times or even hundreds of times a few, the total market capitalization has reached 100 billion US dollars, at the same time, the vigorous development of ICO A large number of digital currency. According to statistics, the global number of transactions in the currency has reached more than 800 species, the market more than 4,000.n
nDr. Xiao Feng, vice chairman and distributed capital partner of Wanxiang Holdings, predicted that the total market capitalization of digital assets would exceed $ 1 trillion after 10 years, and this new trend could not be overlooked from the point of view of asset allocation.n
nHowever, most of the current digital currency investors are still retail, the lack of professional investment institutions, digital money asset management industry has been ready to come out. There are two dimensions in the digital asset management of the chain chain. The first is to use the block chain to transform the fund management model. On the other hand, it is a digital asset invested in the chain chain, such as Bitcoin, the ether square and so on.n
nDigital asset management will become a trillion level of the marketn
nIn the traditional financial sector, the asset management industry has always been the rich economy of the trillion industry, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway company is the world’s top asset management companies, such as the famous Blackstone asset management company, its capital Tube size of up to 5 trillion US dollars, even beyond the world’s third largest economy in Japan’s annual GDP.n
nIt is foreseeable that in the field of digital assets, the future trillion level of market value will also support a huge market capitalization. Of course, before we discuss digital asset management, we need to have a clear understanding of it. Dr. Xiao Feng has made the following definition of digital assets:n
nnA digital asset is a capital registered in a chain or distributed account;n
nnnDigital assets are a virtual asset, which is a virtual asset in the form of bits, rather than gold and other physical structure of the assets.n
nnnDigital assets are programmable assets that are exchanged in the form of computer code.n
nnnThe word asset is a point-to-point autonomous transaction that does not require human intervention. 5. Most of the digital assets are in the form of coin. Coin is equivalent to “digital tokens”.n
nnIf you want to classify these digital assets, you can have the following dimensions: 1. Digital assets with traditional asset mapping, such as toxins for gold asset securitization DGX 2. Tokers without asset mapping, such as bits Coins, the ether square, etc. 3. With the digital currency as the underlying assets of various types of financial derivatives.n
nDistributed Digital Asset Managementn
nSo how do we do digital asset management, and if we resort to traditional hedge funds, we will face many challenges.n
nFirst, the lack of standards makes traditional fund performance contrast very difficult and the fund review is also unclear; secondly, the establishment and operation of a hedge fund is very time-consuming and costly, which limits the ability to select hedge fund managers in a small range , And thus limit the competitiveness of hedge funds and possible excellent performance; the same time, still using the old technology structure investment hedge funds, resulting in a lot of inefficiency.n
nTherefore, in the block chain on the birth of digital assets, we can also take the block chain technology to do asset management, breaking the traditional hedge fund limitations.n
nAt present, according to a document provided by Coinfund, there are currently eight to the center of the asset management platform (DAMP), including ICONOMI, Melonport, Iconomi, CoinDash, Etherplan and so on.n
nHere we will introduce several typical platforms and a digital currency fundn
nFounded in the first quarter of 2016, ICONOMI is the world’s leading distributed digital asset management platform designed to provide investors with the opportunity to invest in early projects that are not available in the traditional economy.n
nICONOMI products include an open digital asset management platform ICONOMI Open Fund Management (OFM)n
nplatform and two types of funds ICONOMI Coin Traded Fund (CTF) and the ICONOMI Coin Managed Fund (CMF).n
nOFM, as a platform, aims to bring investors and fund managers together, and OFM distributes management fees through the APF Smart Contract. At the same time, OFM also provides a series of investment management modules, such as portfolio management tools, market information analysis tools, market forecasting tools and so on.n
nCoin Traded Fund (CTF) is a pre-established index fund that can be traded on an exchange and Coin Managed Fund (n
nCMF) is an active management fund whose tokens are only traded within ICONOMI.n
nAt present, ICONOMI has a feedback program that will include a unique mode of operation; the technology company will use the active management fund performance array to get the return from the exchange to buy ICN tokens and to destroy (“burn”) these generations To increase the percentage of ICN tokens that each participant has.n
nMelonport was founded by former Goldman Sachs vice president, Mona ElIsa, which in the future is intended for the fund managers to provide a transparent, low-threshold, low-cost digital asset management platform for fund managers, as well as lowering the threshold for fund participants,n
nMelon is an open source agreement where anyone in Melonport can build, manage and invest in digital assets. Platform to provide transparent performance and audit tools, as well as risk assessment, compliance management, KYC, including the module. In the current encryption of digital money investment, but also the lack of necessary technical basis tools to measure, audit performance, and to ensure the safety of customer assets.n
nThe Melonport protocol includes two Ethernet-based Smart Contracts – Melon Core and Melon Modules; Melon Core provides portfolio managers to develop services that conform to the underlying code base. Melon Modules offers a variety of auxiliary modules, including price feedback, volatility calculations And daily profit and loss calculations.n
nMelonport platform, the hedge fund industry can bring a lot of convenience, but also for traditional fund traders to enter the industry pave the way. First, Melonport offers a more transparent performance management mechanism to help pick out the best fund managers. Second, Melonport automates many operations with smart contracts, effectively reducing the fixed cost of managing the portfolio.n
nMelonport’s available prototypes will be available by the end of 2017 to early 2018.n
nTaaS is Token as a

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