Divided or not? We bitcoin and etheric square community made a deep survey

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 Divided or not? We bitcoin and etheric square community made a deep survey

“Hard bifurcation (Hard Fork)” the word often will lead to fierce debate in the cryptographic community, some block community chain project clear governance accept chain (on-chain governance), including allowing the freezing of accounts, intelligent contract code directly changed at run time; but some block chain project community is an ingrained the idea: “you can’t hard fork, never!”.

As everyone knows, the bitcoin community belongs to the most staunch anti hard fork “camp, change protocol level is usually not approved in the bitcoin core client on the main line. In other words, each bitcoin hard bifurcation will bring huge controversy, often leads to the community division, had from the bitcoin block chain separation. The community of “blocking”, often makes the bitcoin hard bifurcation is difficult to achieve meaningful agreement, but on the other hand, it is precisely because of this “blocking”, so that the reliability and completeness of the transaction bitcoin performance better, but also to the community a lot of confidence.

In contrast, the etheric Fang (Ethereum) seems to be very hard and always will love bifurcation, bifurcation through hard coordination of regular implementation block chain protocol update, the whole community is generally considered to be more pragmatic, but not so like bitcoin community stubborn “faith.

In addition to the use of hard to solve the bifurcation significant negative effects caused by attacks, but also through the etheric etheric Fang Fang improvement proposal (EIP) “to update block chain optimization. One of the most famous two improvement proposal may be the number of EIP-999 and EIP 867, the former Parity wallet hope to repair vulnerabilities and because of the vulnerability of the freezing thawing forced the 587 purse held more than 510 thousand Ethernet square, was worth about $318 million; the latter is due to repair accidentally deleted code to remove the about 1000000 Ethernet square, at that time worth about $930 million.

But we always seem to be difficult to accurately locate the encryption community what is the attitude of hard branch for example, possibility of EIP-867 and EIP-999 Ethernet workshop improvement proposal for consensus actually how much? (after all, when EIP-867 once led to the core developers Yoichi Hirai left) bitcoin and etheric square community view view hard bifurcation exactly how much difference? Wait。

No investigation, no right to speak, the above mentioned these problems might be able to find the answer from the data do not lie.

The audience research and methodology

This research topic is: “under what conditions, you will agree to carry out hard to reverse bifurcation, block chain could not hope to influence the events brought? “(Under what conditions would you consent to a hard fork that reverses the effects of unwanted events on the blockchain?)

Hard bifurcation is enforced in the agreement on the level of rule changes. In theory, the bifurcation can be used to reverse some hard block chain originally did not wish to influence events brought about, such as through hard money stolen DAO bifurcation attacks returned to the original token holder.

Therefore, under what conditions would you agree to carry out hard bifurcation? In order to avoid the limitations of this study include multiple choice, lists ten kinds of bifurcation solutions and may lead to hard code is legal “Scene options are as follows:

1, the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) secret development of a quantum computer, broke the potential encryption control, the United States government to confiscate the citizens hand bitcoin and by this means the etheric fang;

2, a hacker to implement “double spending (double spend), and the vulnerability was repaired before use it to steal the secrets of tens of thousands of users of funds;

3, a large center of exchange used by hackers, and thus obtained the circulation 15% bitcoin and etheric fang;

4, a large center of exchange used by hackers, and thus obtained the circulation 1% bitcoin and etheric fang;

5, because of the initial issuance of tokens (ICO) intelligent contract code error, resulting in the $1 million troubled encryption currency;

6, a team in the initial issue token wallet encryption address their wrong one letter, causing hundreds of users to send its Ethernet token to a square address does not exist;

7, a medium-sized enterprise was hacked, resulting in $100 thousand worth of money stolen encryption;

8, the user’s computer is infected with malicious software, the theft of $10 thousand worth of encryption currency;

9, users send $10 worth of bitcoin to another user, but the address wrong, leading to the “lost $10”;

10, the code is the law “, there is no reason to use hard to influence the bifurcation rules.

In addition, this study also investigated the community attitudes to the etheric square and bitcoin, bitcoins to extremism in the community, recognizing the etheric Fang extremists, neutral and:

1, bitcoin square block and etheric chain will certainly be coexistence, and subversion of banking and electronic commerce industry;

2, bitcoin is the real block chain, the etheric Fang is a hoax;

3, the etheric Fang can support many cases, bitcoin is a POND’S scam;

4, bitcoin and Ethernet workshop was POND’S scam;

5, my bitcoin and etheric Fang are not too strong feeling.

If the bitcoin is real block chain, the etheric Fang is a hoax, “means that you are a bitcoin extremists to a great extent; and if the etheric Fang can support many cases by bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme,” means that you are a the etheric Fang extremists to a great extent.

The research results

The first interesting research results is that 80% of the respondents the encryption community is “neutral”, that is to say, they are neither bitcoin extremists, nor the etheric Fang extremists. This is obviously a surprising result. Not only that, extremists seem to have only a few, but in contrast, the number of the etheric Fang extremists some more.

All types of research participants in survey results as shown below:

 Divided or not? We bitcoin and etheric square community made a deep survey

In fact, the encryption community generally believes that only when the key protocol vulnerabilities, or threatened should carry out hard bifurcation.

 Divided or not? We bitcoin and etheric square community made a deep survey

One of the respondents is summarized by the majority of respondents expressed opinions:

“We should respect the code rules, unless there is a serious mistake, developers through hard branch offered to the victims and no obligation to refund obligation. Everything should be to maintain the status quo as far as possible, unless the underlying code encryption currency serious programming errors of ironic money loss. Note that this one should not contain ICO and smart contracts, because the project code is encrypted token by themselves in charge of editing. The code is legal, until one day, the code has been found serious flaws, otherwise you can not modify the code. Moreover, the risk should be encrypted currency held by users, and should not be the encryption community.

When the encrypted currency exchange stolen, we should not be too much to blame the exchange, they also deserve to be forgiven. After all, if the exchange as a bank, when the robbers robbed the bank, we have many people blamed a bank. Really should be condemned, should be those criminals, as long as the encrypted currency exchange is not involved in crime, but also to allow the user to easily withdraw funds and effectively prevent bad trading, they should not be blamed. However, we should take strict legal measures against criminals. “

Not surprisingly, there are large differences between the bitcoin extremist extremists and etheric fang.

Although bitcoin extremists firmly refused to hard bifurcation, but when they found that “the US government secret development of quantum computer and the confiscation of citizens in the hands of bitcoin and etheric Fang” by this means, 54% of the respondents support the implementation of hard branch. In addition, about 1/4 of the respondents said that when the bitcoin block chain by protocol level attacks and extensive, also support hard branch. In addition, the respondents do not support the implementation of hard bifurcation in the other scene.

 Divided or not? We bitcoin and etheric square community made a deep survey

For the etheric Fang extremists, they treat hard attitude bifurcation more relaxed, even after most of that supply in Exchange Square Ethernet can be implemented 15% stolen hard branch. However, other things do not seem to get the support of the etheric Fang extremism.

 Divided or not? We bitcoin and etheric square community made a deep survey

Other benefits of this research

  • Bitcoin and etheric Fang extremists in the proportion of only about the whole community of 20%;

  • The majority of respondents support when the key protocol attacks can be hard to solve the problem of bifurcation;

  • If the encryption currency exchange stolen encryption currency supply accounted for 15%, about 1/3 of respondents support the implementation of hard to solve the problem of bifurcation;

  • All other scenes have no support from the majority, the support rate is lower than 10%;

  • For “hard bifurcation can be used to reverse some of the block chain originally hope this problem will not happen” brought about by the bitcoin community was almost completely square and etheric consistent view that refuses to use hard bifurcation to solve such problems, but bitcoin extremism than Ethernet Fang extremists more resolute attitude.

Overall, this research shows that the etheric Fang and bitcoin community encryption for hard bifurcation is quite rational, they will not because some “not reliable” things to put into practice for many concerns about the bifurcation, bifurcation and negative effect to the encryption money people to eat a “reassurance”, the original survey data you can get this link.

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