DMarket takes the initiative to gain the advantage of a global gaming market


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nPreemptive is a strategic business concept, which means creating a competitive advantage; in other words, the first firm enters the market through a product or service. This approach usually allows the company to strategically build brand awareness and strategic position before other competitors enter the same market.n
nDMarket, a new online ecosystem, is seeking to achieve this goal by becoming the first service provider to trade virtual goods between game worlds. Using the chain-based distributed billing technology, this start-up company seeks to open up a way for game developers and publishers to participate in gaming business through global markets.n
nThe DMarket website launched a 72-hour event in August to raise funds to start the project. As the website tokens of DMarket tokens, in exchange for other popular digital currency, mainly the ether square and bit currency. In the first hour of tokens, the company had raised $ 1 million and sold for $ 4 million.n
nIn the second pre-sale in November, the ether square classic and Leight coins will be added to the fund activities.n
nWhile virtual game merchandise can be traded in the game, there is currently no platform to allow transactions between games.n
nDMOD’s founder and CEO, Volodymyr Panchenko, said gamers will be able to provide their virtual goods in the global economy and create a new, multi-billion dollar market.n
nPanchenko said:n
nn”In a sense, we are using block-chain technology as a medium between virtual and real economies.”n
nnMulti-player game industry has long been focused on allowing players to get or create game rewards in the gaming experience. This usually involves collecting virtual assets such as clothing, swords and cars, as well as countless other virtual assets. Like the fortress team 2, World of Warcraft, Diablo and fate of this game not only allows players to get items, but also in the game to trade. This creates an internal game economy, some of whom can earn a virtual currency, and then use it to trade the rare items they want from other players.n
nAccording to Panchenko, the industry is made up of nearly 2.2 billion people, many of whom are isolated in a closed game economy. He said that an estimated $ 3 million was traded through items in the game.n
nDMarket’s hope is to establish a link between these different economies, allowing game publishers to open a new window of global trade. The company hopes to achieve this through the application programming interface, game publishers can through the smart contract to encode these transactions.n
nThe vast majority of game publishers do not allow this type of transaction, but it still appears in the major forums and the site behind the scenes, these sites have been set up to the players and buyers linked. In this case, the game publisher can not get any raised funds, can not track the source of these funds.n
nWith DMarket’s innovative solution, the gaming economy platform can take advantage of this undiscovered revenue stream to capture important metrics about player use and game project exchange.n
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