DMarket: the game of the block chain system


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nGlobal online games are a big market. In 2016, the industry revenue surged to more than 100 billion US dollars, of which online games accounted for a large part of the profits.n
nAs many players know, multiplayer games allow players to get or create virtual game items in the game as part of the experience. These items include custom clothing, cars, swords, spacecraft, and countless other commodities valued by players. However, these virtual goods and assets are not tradable in the global real economy.n
nGame industry leader Volodymyr Panchenko wants to open this huge market – and let 2.2 billion players interested in owning these virtual items. Therefore, DMarket this to the center of the market concept should be shipped out, the purpose is to each virtual game project into a tangible, tradable goods.n
nDMarket wants to provide an application programming interface (which can be used on GitHub) to the game community around the world and to write transactions for these virtual goods through smart contracts on the chain chain. Through this project, DMarket strives to make the items in each game can be traded on multiple platforms.n
nThe company’s chief executive officer Panchenko said:n
nn”The DMarket block chain will record the transfer of ownership and use the DMarket token to automatically exchange payments.” “This will allow players to trade virtual goods with virtual goods.”n
nnThis innovative solution highlights the power of the block chain, in which case the role of the block chain is to allow a global multi-trading platform, the transaction can be from one player to another player, all with only one click You can complete the transaction. By using distributed billing technology, DMarket is creating a comprehensive ecosystem that allows developers and publishers to translate their games into global markets. This is the first time to allow the real value of commodity trading, which the game industry is a potential change.n
nThis innovative approach allows one-click sales to be accessible to any player in the world. In addition, for the user, there is no intermediary or additional cost.n
nPanchenko believes that DMarket has the ability to provide a safe, seamless experience for all players; it is also its main value.n
n”We provide an API for game developers to trade through the goods they want,” he said. “We can eliminate their need to build our own ecosystem or market.” “In addition, through our efforts, we can use the game “We are excited about the fact that the independent developers of the market have opened up a lot of possibilities, and we see block technology as a medium between virtual reality and the real economy.”n
nDMarket’s vision is to power the entire economic network, allowing game users to create a transaction that can be seen as a video game. For example, two players involved in “Team Fortress 2” and “World of Warcraft” can use the sword to get value by exchanging, while the latter can use a hat through the former.n
nDMarket plans to start in early 2018. At present, the company is in a fully launched model, will be held on August 17 for 72 hours of tokens activities. This digital currency, known as the DMarket token, can be sold in other popular digital currencies. In the first phase of the financing activity, the APF and Bitcoin will be accepted. In the second round of sales to be held from November 1 to 15, the classic and Leight coins will be accepted.n
nThe goal is to include at least 10 games that can be immediately supported.n
nPanchenko said:n
nn”Every game developer can easily associate their game with DMarket.” This will increase the value of life, revenue and time they spend in the game. In addition, gamers will eventually be able to participate in the global economy through virtual goods, which will spawn a thriving market of billions of dollars. “n
nnTo find out more about DMarket, check out the official website for

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