Do not deny all the stable currency because of Basis “a rat shit”, and the increase in the chain is over 1000%

According to a statistical data encryption currency market research company Diar recently released show that since September this year, the stable currency chain trading activity growth rate has exceeded 1000%, not to speak of the stable currency exchange currency every day in the encryption of billions of dollars in trading volume.

However, the stable money market now has changed a lot. With the previous Tether (USDT) as an example, in the past most of the Tether (USDT) occurred in Bitfinex or other exchanges, but the amount of chain and without any improvement, partly because Bitfinex is “control” USDT stable currency actual flow a maximum amount of encryption currency exchange. Of course, it is undeniable that the encryption Bitfinex is USDT stable currency exchange traded currency most convenient. But now the Bitfinex exchange has achieved Tether neutral, and with other stable currency products more and more, the market situation has changed.

Since September this year, the total stable currency trading including TrueUSD, Paxos Standard, USD Coin and Gemini Dollar, has more than $5 billion. It is important that all of these coins are stable in September just in the encryption market in.

With the stable money chain volume growth, people began to think about a problem: what do what in these stable currency. In fact, there are different encryption flow between these stable currency exchange currency, some owners regularly in the wallet to safely store, but not all in, or managed in encrypted currency exchange with these stable currency in.

So far, the stable currency trading volume of TrueUSD is the most stable currency, is ranked second in the USDC, the trading volume is ranked last PAX. But PAX always transfer the amount of higher than USDC, share $1 billion 800 million “share in all stable currency trading volume”.

Fire currency holding Gemini Dollars stable currency of about 65%

It is worth mentioning that the stable currency Gemini Dollar has an interesting fact. In the GUSD top three holders, two seems to be encrypted currency exchange fire coins have address, name and address are Huobi_3 and Huobi_7, Gemini, Dollars of the two stable currency address has a total of 51%, worth $44 million 400 thousand; ranked second encryption currency exchange is the exchange before the headquarters of OKEx, located in Hongkong, has now moved to Malta; in addition, holdings ranked fifth fire coins, the address holds about GUSD stable currency value of $5 million, if coupled with several other addresses, fire currency holdings of Gemini Dollars accounted for about 65% of the total amount of the stable currency.

It is important to note that these people hold stable currency is probably not the crypto currency exchange itself, and is likely to be their users. If from this point of view, this the other stable currency will have some different. If you take into account the holdings of OKEx, in all the address plus fire currency holdings, estimated the two encryption currency exchange holdings of GUSD volume accounted for at least 78% of the total, but the holdings of GUSD stable currency issuer Gemini encryption currency exchange ratio but also the two exchanges. Perhaps this will become a stable currency as a positive signal available trading unit.

It is worth mentioning that the fire currency has also recently launched a comprehensive and stable currency trading platform, and named it HUSD, but it is said to be a stable currency products for exchange use, can represent all the stable currency, and achieve a variety of token swap transactions between the.

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