Do not know what the block chain Legal expert to answer

nnnThe factors of uncertainty include the field of legal supervision, so in-depth understanding and analysis of relevant legal issues are essential to master the dynamics and risk of block chain technology. However, the research shows that there are few legal experts to explore the block chain technology, and there are fewer technical courses. So this is the future of the new potential development direction of the lawyer industry.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nBitcoin, ether square, block chain. These sounds like a foreign language, full of mystery.n
nBut as billions of dollars flow in encrypted money systems, governments and large businesses want to use block-chain technology to transform a large number of important recording systems, law students, and lawyers need to keep up with.n
nEven if big changes are brewing, only a handful of legal experts have released research in this area and fewer formal legal professional courses.n
nAngela Walch is the first person to notice the importance of digital money and block chain technology. Walch, who began his studies in 2012, is Professor of St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio, USA, whose research is focused on encrypted money communities; research shows that while block-chain technology has the potential to be centralized, Identify people who manage the system, and they must assume responsibility for the user. In 2013 Walch founded the law school program first began to teach Bitcoin and block chain courses.n
nIn fact, the block chain is accounting technology. Its innovation is that the record is not stored in a computer or server, the block chain record is stored in multiple computers, the computer nodes can communicate with each other, while recording the changes in the books. Bitcoin is the first application of the first digital currency in 2009, the block chain technology. But experts in the field use analogies to explain many of the applications of the technology. They say the mailbox for the Internet is like the encryption currency for the block chain technology. Although you can use the Internet to send mail, you can also use the Internet to do a lot of other things. Block chain technology is the same.n
nIBM surveyed 3,000 executives this year and found that 80 percent of people use block-chain technology or are considering using it for developing new business models or following financial changes within the industry. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu showed that 28 percent of respondents said the company had $ 5 million or more block chain technology investments; 10 percent of the companies surveyed invested $ 10 million or more. Encrypted currency website CoinBase reported on August 4 that the encrypted currency ICO reached a record high of $ 1.6 billion.n
nn”People say that the technology will fundamentally change the way financial operations, asset records, the rules of evidence, the way in which different industries are regulated, and the law is, of course, one of the areas that could be changed by chain-chain technology.”n
nnWalch said that the current technology enthusiasts in the reshaping of important systems, but no lawyers to help.n
nn”I hope that more lawyers can learn this knowledge because I think lawyers have an important role in exploring this issue.” Judicial thinking lawyers can play a role in helping clients solve their experiences of important matters and understand the operation of the legal system , The way to interact with other systems, these are things that can be used to explore. “n
nnBerger Singerman partner Andrew Hinkes said Walch opened up a path that was one of the few scholars who looked at the technology from a legal and behavioral perspective.n
nn”I want to say that she is undoubtedly the voice of the common application, the logic of the real wild western community, and I think the way she looks at things is to coordinate the relationship between these new technologies and systems with the existing system.”n
nnAs block-chain technology emerges from increasing pain points, digital money investments are increasing, and large companies examine other uses of block-chain technology. With the surge in ICO’s financing projects, the new company received billions of dollars in capital.n
nHinkes said in a number of recent virtual currency remarks and writings, and related to customers, “it is something that could reach every business area.”n
nWalch said Big Law has begun to focus and launched a financial technology project.n
nn”There are not many block-chain technologies and encrypted currency lawyers at present, although in the past few years it is basically a large law firm that has set up a financial technology or a digital money group or a block-chain technical team. For this part of the field. “n
nnThe companies that initiated these projects were Cooley, K

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