wants to change the medical profession through the block chain AI doctor company expressed the hope that by combining artificial intelligence and block chain of these two emerging technologies to create artificial intelligence doctors, through the collection of a large number of medical data to learn, which can answer the patient’s problems. If the move is successful, it will greatly alleviate the current shortage of medical personnel around the world, for doctors, patients and medical personnel to bring unimaginable convenience and benefits.n
nTranslated by: Inan hopes to be able to build artificial intelligence (AI) doctors on smartphones, thus transforming the healthcare industry. The platform uses block-chain technology to collect large amounts of medical data on a global scale and derive from these messages.n
In addition, the collected data will be analyzed and processed by machine learning in order to provide the user with personalized feedback on their health issues.n
The intersection of artificial intelligence and block chain technologyn’s platform is designed to enable users to quickly and easily find a doctor. However, medical staff in short supply, find a doctor is not only difficult and expensive, so the company is seeking a strong technology rather than human resources.n’s team hopes to combine the rapidly developing artificial intelligence with the same transformative block-chain technology so that its platform can answer personal health problems through the large amount of data collected – just press the button Then’s founder and chief executive officer Walter De Brouwer said:n
n”We are experimenting with patients directly through the use of advanced artificial intelligence, medical data forensics and de-centered block chains, and we have a wide range of possibilities for doctors, patients and medical institutions to use this technology.”n
nThe details of this platform may sound like the same described in science fiction, but it is essentially a manipulation of the data analyzed by the machine to provide a medical answer.n’s Artificial Intelligence technology is designed to use de-centric edge learning networks to obtain information based on personal data. This network can perform deep learning calculations on the edge of the network or on a mobile device.n
Solve medical problemsn
It is clear that the global health care situation is not optimistic. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, the world still lacks more than 7 million doctors, nurses and other health care workers, and this figure is still growing.n’s platform may cause people suffering from a disease or chronic disease to seek help from an artificial intelligence doctor through a smartphone, causing changes around the world.n
As long as the context, such as “I lack iron, then my ferritin value should be the best to achieve how much?” Or “how to reduce cholesterol in the next three weeks?” And the like can be answered.n
These answers are based on an analysis of personal medical data in a de-centered block chain network.n
Incentive learningn will use the block chain to allow anyone to connect to the network and train their own AI. On this network,’s token will be used to motivate people and provide data. Users will be rewarded for training AI, and, through these tokens, users can play on the web and set bonuses for data scientists.n
When these initiatives succeed in establishing a forecasting model that provides specialized analysis of individual quantitative bioinformatics, the prize will be earned through a smart contract.n
Investor supportn
Pantera Capital and Anthony Di Iorio are early investors in, and Pantera’s co-chief information officer, Joey Krug, is also a consultant to the company. Anthony Di Iorio particularly appreciates the potential of the project, he commented:n
n” technology surprised me about the role of millions of people around the world and the potential network effect of their tokens.”n

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