Does the block chain detonate the housing estate market?

nnnIn the case of new technology, the real estate industry has been relatively slow, but in the face of the chain chain to reduce hidden costs, speed up the transaction process, reduce fraud and improve the transparency of this many benefits, it seems that the real estate industry has changed Attitude, more and more acceptance of this technology. Multinational government agencies are carrying out the transfer of real estate ownership of the block chain pilot project, and has made some progress in the stage, there are companies in the development of more advanced applications to achieve the housing of the sub-property sales, which for the entire real estate industry Said it was a milestone development.n
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nFor the block chain companies and investors, the second quarter of 2017 is quite crazy for some time, nearly 60 ICO projects in the quarter to complete more than 750 million US dollars of financing, but it seems that this is only a start. Block chains can phase out intermediaries, which will almost affect every industry. And this is SAP, IBM and other global technology giant investment chain chain technology reasons: with its subversion, they want to become subversive.n
nIn terms of new technology, the real estate industry has been relatively slow, however, for the chain chain can reduce the hidden costs, speed up the transaction process, reduce fraud and improve transparency, and thus change the way we buy and sell real estate, the industry is right Its potential is more and more open.n
nCook County Recorder of Deeds has recently completed an eight-month pilot project to work with velox.RE to test the transfer of real estate ownership over the chain and subsequently transfer the property Credited to public records. Several of the pilot projects in the real estate transfer test with the Chicago property owner on the Bitcoin block chain have been successfully completed and meet all legal, procedural and software requirements agreed upon by the pilot project participants. The Cook County Land Registration Authority has also approved the adoption of velox.RE and its users (property owners) that can be used to publicly record the legal documents for the transfer of block chain properties.n
nMore than Cook County, the Swedish Land Registry ‘Lantmateriet’ has also been testing the way in which real estate transactions are recorded through block chains. Since June last year, the agency has been using ChromaWay’s affiliate database product postchain to test real estate transactions on the block chain. According to Kairos Future, the consulting firm, which is also involved in the project, estimates that it will eliminate paperwork, reduce fraud and speed up transactions, helping Swedish taxpayers save nearly 100 million euros a year. In addition, in February this year, the Republic of Georgia has also become the first government to use the Bitcoin network to verify real estate-related government transactions. And eight months ago, the government and bitco hardware and software company Bitfury Group has just launched a project through the private sector chain (tamper-resistant books) registered land ownership projects, and then use the public chain of special currency block chain These transactions are validated.n

nLAToken Chief Executive Officer: Valentin Preobrazhenskiyn
nSelling all the real estate through the chain is a huge milestone for the industry, but some companies have begun to develop some of the more advanced applications. LAToken (LAT) announces that it will issue 1 billion LATokens on Tokgo Sale on 22 August to achieve the sale of any encases of assets, including real estate. The platform, based on the existing home equity market, was created by LAToken CEO Valentin Preobrazhenskiy and contributed 12,000 mortgages and more than 1,000 transactions to seven banks and 25 investors over the past year Then


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