Does the block chain look at the platform to change the ad purchase?


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nThe block chain ecosystem presents a new trend. Now, partnerships and alliances are emerging as mushrooming, creating opportunities for further exploration and development of block-chain technology.n
nUnder the leadership of R3, including 70 of the world’s leading financial institutions, composed of seven major European banks, the digital trade chain alliance, aimed at improving the safety data sharing, tracking and management.n
nThe Block Chain Insight platform marks a recent joint effort in the media and the advertising community.n
nMedia promotionn
nComcast launched the partnership, including the world’s leading major media companies such as NBC Universal, Disney, American Record, Channel 4, Cox Communications, Mediaset Italia and TFI Group. The partnership will develop a block-based platform for ad buying for TV and streaming TV.n
nThe main goal of the platform is to connect its members to the database so that they can transparently and efficiently access the data without any passing through any intermediaries. Based on the large amount of information they share, the members will be able to better assess where to buy and how to create their campaigns.n
nBut the establishment of a network around the block chain is not a simple or direct process. Whatever it sounds promising, Comcast still has a long way to go, and it takes a lot of time to prove that the platform can run seamlessly. After all, block-chain technology is still a relatively unknown area for many people. Moreover, a group of partners to open cooperation, the media industry leader, may also be a challenge. Many of these partners can be considered as competitors. Technology and pharmaceutical companies have a long tradition of innovation, and it is often difficult for financial institutions to accept this tradition. Telecom and media players may find themselves in an innovative middle position.n
nThe Block Chain Insight platform is expected to be released by 2018, so there is still time to process the issues and evaluate their progress.n
nMeasure successn
nIf the cooperation of the block chain observation platform is successful, then the use of procedural marketing in the media will become more extensive, especially on television. Using the data provided by participating media partners, the block-chain platform will ensure the safe exchange of data while reducing the risk of fraud.n
nHowever, the use of the platform has yet to be determined. Although the league will certainly involve data sharing, it may also include advertising purchases. One of the most compelling features of block chain technology is that it enables and enables smart contracts without intermediaries. As a result, programmatic media purchases may become more transparent and free themselves from the role of middlemen. Advertisers can buy ads based on specific consumer data, so they can easily and accurately target audiences.n
nThere is always a success. Currently, advertisers buy ads in real time through automated processes. While block chains offer more advantages than traditional technology, their computational power is still largely insufficient to perpetuate this approach. Because the block chain is centralized, it takes time to verify the transaction. Although this process is not very slow, but this process is not fast enough, can not real-time broadcast transactions. However, the media industry should be optimistic about this issue, with the block chain widely used and subsequent computing power enhancement, this situation may change.n
nAs the block chain technology is still in its infancy, especially in the advertising industry, is expected to soon be a revolutionary change. With the rise of this technology, its adaptability in banking, insurance, pharmaceutical and supply chain management only proves that there may be more technical applications in the future. There is no doubt that the advertising industry is advancing and will focus on innovation. Media giants may find new sources of revenue through projects like block-chain insight into platforms. Even more interesting is that they can guide advertising and marketing in a whole new direction.n

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