Does the block chain technology bring the largest subversion of the legal profession?

nnnThe emergence of block chain technology not only deeply affects the financial industry, the legal industry, since the conqueror William I issued a common law since the block chain may give the legal infrastructure to bring the largest subversion. The meeting of the International Association of Law and Technology (ILTACON) in 2017 had a lot of attention to the meeting of “how to integrate into the law.” The whole meeting was packed. The encrypted currency is undoubtedly a very attractive subject for block chain technology, but close cooperation between lawyers and block chain technology also seems to have brought real opportunities.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nSince the conquest of William to promote the formation of common law, the block chain may be the most important addition to the legal infrastructure.n
nThe meeting on the third day of the agenda of the International Law Technology Association of 2017 (ILTACON) on the third day of the meeting on “how to integrate into the law of the chain?” Was particularly noticeable at the Mandalay Bay Conference in Las Vegas The center was held, attracting a variety of different experts to attend, the whole venue full of people.n
nTheir final views on technology are not the same, but the panel agrees that block chains may be the most important addition to legal infrastructure since the promulgation of William’s common law. The audience is packed and the audience is further highlighting the growing awareness that this emerging technology, which is likely to be subversive with the Web 1.0 of the 1990s, requires lawyers and law firms.n
nILTA futurist, former Bryan Cave strategic innovation partner John Alber said:n
nn”We have now reached an important milestone in the historical development of money, agreements, contracts and even common law, and this milestone is a chain of chains.”n
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