Does the ICO market value of more than one billion dollars mean that the bubble will show?

nnnOver the media comment: a number of media reports, ICO market value has more than one billion US dollars, some of which based on the understanding of regulatory issues, clearly in the project document that the token does not have any value and use, but the market as always hot, Sex. Although ICO has been surrounded by the shadow of the bubble, but hundreds of millions of assets of investors believe that it can bring about a huge change in the Internet, and ICO project at the bottom of the Ethernet agreement to upgrade and expansion is the fundamental solution to the problem.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nWall Street Journal and other media revealed that ICO market value has more than one billion US dollars, the recent number of ICO activities successfully raised hundreds of millions of dollars, including EOS, Bancor, Tezos and so on.n
nOver the past few months, only Tezos, Bancor and EOS have raised more than $ 559 million, providing a unique infrastructure and platform based on the Ethermale agreement.n
nFor example, EOS has been criticized for its “Token Purchase Agreement”, but it has been able to provide efficient, scalable, flexible, decentralized applications and smart contract platforms for its infrastructure, resulting in an encrypted currency investor very.n
nBypassing regulationn
nICO is increasingly aware of ICO’s potential regulatory conflicts and issues between companies and government agencies, such as the SEC, the Securities and Exchange Commission.n
nMost ICOs, including EOS, stressed that US investors were not able to participate in tokens before the event began, and that the ICO project native tokens had no inherent value. For example, EOS tokens purchase agreement, said:n
nnEOS tokens do not represent or include any rights, uses, purposes, features, functions or features. Although EOS tokens may be traded, they are not investments, currencies, securities, merchandise, currency swaps, commodities, or Any type of financial instrument “.n
nnEOS acknowledges that its native tokens are of no use and purpose and therefore can not be regarded as investment and merchandise and are not an active marketing.n
nnonexistent n
nAccording to the EOS development roadmap, the software has not yet completed the alpha test phase, so there is no active user or platform deployment. The main purpose of the ICO native tokens is as the way of storing the original or the original currency of the platform. However, if the platform does not exist and is not being used to the center of the application, then it is clear that investors buy token only as a speculative way.n
nIndex leveln
nExperts and analysts still say that ICO demand is also called exponential growth rates, such as Marco Santori, a partner at California law firm Cooley LLP.n
nn”At present it is very hot, over the past six months, accounting for 60% of my work content.”n
nnAt present, it is difficult to prove that the ICO market value and its projects, their value is speculative, it is impossible to real market data to assess, because there is no viable products or software is used.n
nAlthough the ICO market is similar in characteristics to the bubble, hundreds of millions of investors say investors are concerned about the ICO market because it may bring “significant changes in the size of the Internet” in the near future, such as investing in Tezos and Bancor tokens Of Tim Draper.n
nHowever, Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam said, as the ICO underlying agreement of the ether square network itself must be improved, or expansion of a hundred times in order to support the 10 million user base. So only the development and transformation of ICO itself is not sufficient. The etherfront area must be expanded and refined to confirm ICO market value and ICO market.n

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