Donggang Ruihong Technology joint venture Wang Jin Branch, to explore the “electronic invoice block chain” landing applications

nnnnRampage comment: once out of China’s first electronic invoice Donggang Ruihong technology, today and the financial technology companies that Wang Jinke reached a chain of strategic cooperation, to build electronic chain invoices based on chain cloud platform. This is another important new exploration of the application of the block chain technology.n
nn(June 26, Beijing Donggang Ruihong Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Donggang Ruihong Technology”) and the leading domestic chain technology company Shanghai finger Wang Information Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as the ” “Refers to Wang Jinke”) to achieve strategic cooperation in the application of electronic chain of zoning chain in-depth cooperation. The two sides will be electronic invoice block chain of scientific and technological innovation services as the core, the common commitment to the block chain and related technology in the field of domestic electronic invoice research and implementation of the landing.n
nDonggang Ruihong Technology and Wang Jin Branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement, together to create a chain based on electronic invoice chain cloud platform. The platform will provide enterprises with electronic bills, certificates and derivative financial services to provide integrated solutions, with the block chain distributed shared books of technical advantages for enterprise customers to bring efficient operation process, automated business processing, paperless low energy consumption And other core strengths.n
nWith the increasing number of countries concerned about the block chain, block chain technology has been included in the country’s “planning” for the first time, and the East Hong Kong Ruihong technology refers to the combination of Wang Jinke, marking the assembly of high-quality industry Resources, a strong industrial alliance is gradually born, the “block chain electronic invoice” technology development to a new stage. But also in response to the call of national policy, has taken the block chain technology from theory to practice a solid step.n

nIn the block chain electronic invoice application, Donggang Ruihong technology general manager Cui Yongsheng said, “At present, the electronic invoice service form for the electronic invoice service platform centering services, the application of the main difficulty lies in the electronic invoice data flow and business management in two areas There are many electronic invoice service platform and a number of self – built platform, the data between the service platform has not interconnected, electronic invoice data flow difficult, difficult to apply, mutual trust; at the same time in the enterprise management: electronic invoice printing version to the enterprise Electronic reimbursement management, accounting management and archiving management to bring copies of documents, repeat printing, multiple reimbursement of application confusion.n
nMr. Wang Guangyi, general manager of Wangjin Branch, said that it would inject advanced advanced chain technology solutions for Donggang Ruihong, including business design and planning, block chain project delivery method, IT system planning and transformation, block chain operation and maintenance support program and implementation And the development of a full range of services. Give full play to the advantages of block chain technology to solve the ecological application of electronic invoices pain points:n
nnFirst, the use of its centralization characteristics, based on the block chain network in the distributed storage, through the majority of nodes of the consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm to ensure data flow, consistency and can not be tampered with;n
nThe second is to use all the nodes to maintain the common books to solve the repeated reimbursement of electronic invoices, repeated accounts and data inconsistencies and other issues;n
nThird, the use of block-chain distributed architecture, to avoid the bill information in the billing side, the vote side and the consumer side of the inconsistencies, to prevent data tampering, improve data accuracy and communication efficiency.n
nnThe signing of the contract, the East Hong Kong Ruihong technology and refers to the three gold companies strong combination of common to explore the block chain electronic invoice applications. The two sides will first accelerate the block chain in the electronic invoice in the practical application of the electronic invoice business and block chain technology fully integrated to achieve in the electronic invoice issuance, circulation, storage and reimbursement of the application, open up the electronic invoice services Platform, to achieve the electronic invoice between the self-built platform, third-party platform, self-built platform and third-party platform between the data exchange, the construction of electronic invoice ecological chain, in order to achieve government, business and individuals can share electronic invoice To the dividend, to achieve the healthy development of the entire electronic invoice ecology.n
nn n
nAbout Donggang Ruihong Technologyn
nDonggang Ruihong Technology is a subsidiary of Donggang Co., Ltd., the company to promote the development of China’s electronic invoice as its mission, is China’s electronic invoices of electronic invoices pioneers, pioneers, leaders. National electronic invoice research center, the only one authorized by the government electronic invoice service platform, set out the first domestic electronic invoices and create multiple electronic invoice field first, electronic invoice industry coverage, invoicing opening and market share are Leading the country.n
nDonggang Ruihong technology to electronic invoices professional services as the center, to the national enterprises, individuals to provide diversified, personalized, one-stop electronic invoice services. On the one hand, for enterprises to provide electronic invoices issued services, electronic invoice management and storage services, electronic invoices reimbursement services, electronic invoices and corporate votes, finance, tax system through, to improve efficiency, reduce costs, the release of manpower, The purpose of control. On the other hand, for consumers and the community to provide electronic invoice verification, electronic invoice collection, electronic invoice notification, electronic invoice download and other services. But also for the government to provide data collection, analysis and decision-making means to improve the efficiency of the government and the accuracy of decision-making.n
nAbout Usn
nRefers to the Mong Jin Branch is a high-speed growth of financial technology enterprises, focusing on the financial industry software research and development, application and service, in the block chain technology research and application of deep accumulation. In early 2016 the company set up a chain of chain research institute, brought together more than 50 domestic block chain technology experts and industry experts to carry out technical research and design. At present, the Institute published dozens of papers, including financial services, supply chain management, asset digitization and trading, block chain socialization, etc., and the introduction of the implementation of the landing program. At the same time, refers to Wang Jinke joint Fudan University launched block chain technology training courses, widely acclaimed in the social industry.n
nRefers to the Mong Jin Branch focus on the application of block chain technology, external application from the block chain application consulting, application design, application development, training to the implementation of a set of solutions. In addition to the block chain electronic invoice application field, refers to the Mongke Branch in the new block chain P2P network loan platform, block chain supply chain finance, block chain platform and other financial areas have also successfully launched a solution. At present, the company has become the Linux Foundation Hyperledger project in China, one of the members of the Union, the development of the block chain application project in the China Innovation and Entrepreneurs Competition gains important awards.n

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