Dongguan guy speculation bitcoin alleged fraud in others

Dongguan guy speculation bitcoin alleged fraud in others

Bitcoin virtual currency disputes incorporated national rare, family members questioned the Dongguan Price Certification Center finds irregularities

In the virtual currency bitcoin transactions online speculation, because prices can not be identified, before many domestic transaction disputes are not filed.

But this problem has changed in Dongguan, because of the Dongguan Price Certification Center of a paper that occurred between the two young users of bitcoin successful filing disputes. Because of losing a netizen managed nearly 200 bitcoins in the network on the platform (that price more than 600 thousand yuan), Shanxi 90 guy Pei Siyuan was Dongguan police criminal detention on suspicion of fraud.

So, the question is, there is no “legal identity” in the domestic bitcoin can be priced? The virtual currency dispute whether to face punishment? Pei Siyuan’s family believes the price department of the bitcoin RMB against the Bank of China Banking Regulatory Commission assessment, bitcoin “has not identified, such as monetary compensation of the mandatory attribute”. Dongguan Price Certification Center in April 20th responded that the virtual property of network games (such as virtual currency, equipment etc.) has the same price, the price determined according to the law.

Event: 90 hosting bitcoin deficit

In April 20th, Pei Guojie from Shanxi Yuncheng to Dongguan, because bitcoin virtual currency dispute, his son or face jail. Originally, 90 Pei Siyuan is keen on virtual currency bitcoin speculation, and Taobao opened a shop, providing value-added management bitcoin. The same passion for bitcoin, a young Shaanxi Zhu met Pei Siyuan through the network in 2014 August, to nearly 200 bitcoin managed in the hands of their own to do value-added in Pei’s website, earn more bitcoin. But because of Pei poor operation in bitcoin speculation in a loss and empty, Chus bitcoin unable to retrieve the youth.

Therefore, the youth working in Dongguan Chus sister Pei Siyuan to Dongguan Lixin East Branch police station. And then the police station to get the price bureau of Dongguan City Price Certification Center (now owned by the Dongguan Municipal Development and Reform Bureau) bitcoin assessment report, Pei Siyuan criminal detention on suspicion of fraud.

“The child is 21 years old this year, we are also the police came to know him playing bitcoin,” said Pei Guojie, the son of virtual currency speculation and caused losses is also very helpless, but puzzled, around the scene of the bitcoin dispute was unable to identify the price can not be successfully filed, “how Dongguan will give my son a domestic bitcoin” the first case.” Pei Guojie’s statement, reporters search related information and reports, and other virtual currency bitcoin filing is indeed rare, basically no case in the newspapers

Controversy: to bitcoin pricing compliance?

“The bitcoin currency assessment, is a serious violation of national financial policy, see the Bureau of Dongguan City Price Certification Center bitcoin assessment report, said Pei Guojie does not endorse, ask for a reconsideration of the administrative act. In Pei Guojie’s view, a digital bitcoin is just on the network, is not subject to a special virtual currency of national Ministry of culture and the Ministry of commerce regulation, and government departments to its pricing, no doubt let the son of this dispute worth soared.

Pei Guojie told reporters, Zhu in her son’s youth has hosted 193 online bitcoin, according to the value of managed hosting, these bitcoin will increase. “When the peak in 2014 one can sell 3700-3800 yuan, but also more than 1000 yuan, in its view, the bitcoin virtual currency transactions, would not by domestic regulatory approval, finds its value problem.

In fact, the calculated by a specific computer program “coins” (Bitcoin) has aroused widespread concern in the world, there are also some domestic institutions and individuals the opportunity to hype the bitcoin and related products, its price fluctuations. To prevent risks, by the end of 2013, including the central bank, the banking department and other five ministries issued “about bitcoin risk prevention notice”, clearly pointed out that although the bitcoin is known as the “money”, but because it is not issued by the monetary authorities do not have the law, such as monetary compensation of the mandatory property, not the true meaning of currency. At the same time, domestic financial institutions and Payment institutions may not bitcoin price for the product or service, may not be sold or traded bitcoins as a central counterparty shall not be covered with bitcoin related insurance business or insurance coverage into bitcoin, shall not directly or indirectly provide other services related to bitcoin for customers.

Response: virtual currency pricing method

The family members questioned the bitcoin price confirmation, Dongguan Price Certification Center in April 20th publicly responded that the virtual property has the same price, the price determined according to the law. The Certification Center pointed out that the center in August 19th last year to accept the Dongcheng Branch Lixin police station on 230 for the price of bitcoin Zhu was involved in fraud fraud approved. In this regard, the center according to the original Dongguan Municipal Price Bureau “on the issuance of the” criminal cases involving network crime goods price confirmation specification (Trial) “notice” in the fourth paragraph of “stealing virtual property of network games (such as virtual currency, equipment, etc.), to recharge the game card value calculation, or in the near future (3 month) the official website of the virtual property transaction prices (the official net transaction price is the network game operators in the official network publicity price)”, in contrast to most major bitcoin trading platform China station, fire currency net prices and bitcoin trading three domestic bitcoin trading site in August 10, 2014 the actual transaction price. Approved by each bitcoin price is 2810-2860 yuan, the total price of 646300-657800 yuan.

As for the central bank about bitcoin risk prevention and control, Dongguan City Price Certification Center also issued opinions. It pointed out that the “notice” has rejected the monetary attribute of bitcoin, but clearly bitcoin transaction as a commodity trading behavior on the Internet, ordinary people have the freedom to participate in the risk from the premise. At present, there are dozens of open real-time transactions bitcoin website. The development and Reform Bureau Price Determination Center believes that the case from the reception to the issue price conclusion is completely consistent with the national, province and city of Dongguan involving property price confirmation procedures, compliance.

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